99% of the people are recruited!

24 pit people’s “health common sense”, the more you raise the disease!

99% of the people are recruited!

24 pit people’s “health common sense”, the more you raise the disease!

In daily life, we are often confused by some small common sense of life.

This can’t be eaten, and it can’t be touched. Are these health common senses true or false?

The “health common sense” of 24 pit people needs us to polish our eyes together to raise knowledge!

Don’t eat too many eggs for 1 day?

Many people worry that eating eggs can affect plasma levels in the body and cause cardiovascular disease.

There is no research to clarify the relationship between the two. There are no problems with eating two or three eggs a day.

2 Not eating at night can both lose weight and be good for the body?

Not eating dinner is very hurtful to the body, it is easy to hurt the gastrointestinal function, affecting endocrine, not conducive to weight loss.

3 acne long position is also learned?

The position of the acne is long, which represents a problem with different organs?

The appearance of acne is related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles in the body. The nose, chin, front, and sebaceous glands are more likely to grow acne.

4 Crayfish are all parasites, can’t eat?

If you are all around, you may not see the crayfish.

Crayfish do have parasites. They must be cooked and cooked before eating. If you are not familiar with it, you can’t help but eat.

5 computer front potted cactus can prevent radiation?

Tested by a radiation tester, cactus does not have anti-radiation effects.

In fact, no plant has been found to have radiation protection.

6 eating tofu will cause cancer in women?

Tofu is a good thing, and more protein can also make up calcium.

It does not cause high blood pressure and is good for women’s health.

7 The body has not had a fever, but the body is not good?

Bacterial invasion or acute exercise, entering a high temperature environment, etc. may cause an increase in body temperature.

Without fever, there is no pathogen invasion or the body is temporarily unaware.

Whether the body has a big problem can be judged not only by whether or not it has a fever.

Type 😯 blood should eat less grain, type A blood should eat less meat?

There has never been such a particularity in the profession.

9 should brush your teeth immediately after a meal?

The latest research by stomatologists believes that brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is harmful to your teeth.

There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the crown. I have just eaten the rice, especially the acidic food, but the enamel becomes soft.

Brushing your teeth at this time can easily cause enamel damage.

Over time, the enamel of the teeth is gradually reduced, which is easy for people to suffer from allergies of the teeth. When eating, the teeth will have symptoms of acid and pain.

Therefore, after eating, it is best to rinse your mouth with water and wait for 1-2 hours before brushing your teeth.

10 lipstick is equal to eating heavy metals?

Unless a person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead does not affect health.

11 all kinds of health products are useful?

Health care products are not only expensive, but also may delay the treatment of errors and delay the disease.Do not eat health care products perspective distance treatment!

12 Have a good time in front of sleeping?

Head north foot south?

Still head to the west?

Or is the southeast of the head northeast?

As long as you like it, it’s all good forward, and there is nothing special about it.

13 physical examination will still be sick, it is better not to check?

Physical examination can help us understand the basic condition of the body, and notice some chronic disease precursors. Doing a regular physical examination every year is very valuable for health.

14 straight cucumbers are sprayed, can not eat?

Straight cucumbers, curved cucumbers, are all good cucumbers.

Normally growing cucumbers are straight, but sometimes because the weather is not good, the water is not enough, and it is easy to grow.

15 eating black sesame helps hair blacken?

For white hair with trace elements missing, black sesame is rich in trace elements, but the force is too small, and it is not necessarily 100% digested after eating.

For the white hair caused by old age, black sesame is still unable to reverse its aging.

16 hair will absorb a lot of nutrition in the human body?

When the hair grows out, it has hardened and keratinized, which means that there is no life.

Our hair has no blood vessels and no nerves, so the hair will not absorb our nutrition at all, and friends don’t have to worry.

17 soap hurts the skin?

Bathing fluid causes cancer?

The soap has a stronger cleaning ability, and the bathing liquid feels better, but the difference is not too big.

If you like this, use it without tangling.

18 effective diet pills do not exist?

There are no shortcuts for losing weight. Pay attention to eating and pay attention to exercise.

If you have a hard time making up your mind, you may never be able to start.

19 eating walnuts is good for the brain, to shape the shape?

Nutrition is evaluated by the composition of the food, not the way it is, and the food is not visible.

20 egg whites can be whitened?

There is no effective ingredient in the egg white that causes the skin to whiten. On the contrary, the unripe egg white may have bacteria, which may cause allergies when applied to the whole body.

21 wireless WiFi is very dangerous to radiate?

The radiation of WiFi has no effect on the body, don’t worry about this.

22 The best sport is “walking”?

Too many walks: ruined the prison.

In fact, normal people should take 6000-10000 steps per day, and the mileage of 3-5 kilometers is more appropriate.

If you walk too much every day, you will probably be hurt!

23 potato skin can dye hair?

This legend is true, not a surprise?

Not unexpected?

Although this is true, the dyeing effect of the potato skin is very short, and the basic hair wash is gone.

24 brushing teeth without brushing the tongue?

Always brush, you have to brush it carefully.Bacteria live on the tongue, often cleaned, so that your “tone” is no longer so big.

24 pits, are you wrong?

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Tips for getting started with wine


Tips for getting started with wine

鈥淚f you are an entry-level wine drinker, it is recommended that you try the ‘New World’ wines represented by Australia, the United States, and Chile, because the wines in these wines are relatively single, and French wines are too complex, primary products.The drinker should not start with French wine.”

銆€銆€The wine culture needs to accumulate and squint at the ruby-like liquid in the cup. This is red wine with a slight fruity aroma.

Gently sip from the tip of the tongue, let it flow slowly through the taste buds, feel the rich mellow and rich layers, a little strawberry flavor, if there is no moss mixed with the taste of fresh mushrooms in the forest.Wine is like a perfectly harmonious symphony, in which each note, the subtle charm of each tone is clearly identifiable. This is the enjoyment of wine lovers, but in Beijing, there are not many people who really know red wine, “manyPeople come to buy wine, it is looking at the package to look good to buy which, but it is because people’s taste has a lot of room for improvement, many wine estate owners will come to us to take the initiative to do a wine tasting, while imparting knowledge of wineIt can also promote the brand of red wine and cultivate some future wine lovers.

The winemaker of the Henderson Yansha Wine House said that Beijing’s wine culture needs to accumulate slowly.
銆€銆€Adhere to the principle of 鈥渄o not buy or not buy鈥?When buying wine, many fans insist on the principle of 鈥渄o not buy or not buy鈥?

So on the open day of the winery, at the wine fair, it is often seen that some people take the wine glasses leisurely, taste it with friends and family, and purchase their own wines to find the fun of life.

For Chinese wine lovers, they don’t always participate, the conditions of purchase, and the increasingly popular tasting will finally provide such an opportunity.

According to the organizer of Henderson Yansha Tasting, the Bordeaux region has Golden Rose Castle (First Class II), Tiebao Golden Shield Castle (First Class 3) and Obariqi Castle (First Class 5).

銆€銆€This wine tasting will invite the owners or representatives of the castles to participate in the event, introduce the characteristics of the manor to the wine tasting, and explain the Bordeaux culture.

The sommelier introduced that the first class is the highest level of French red wine, and currently only five estates in France have received this title.

The first class level collection is of course reserved for familiar customers on weekdays, but if you are a real wine drinker, you can call the wine house, a famous Ginas Supreme Bordeaux, Golden Rose Castle and other wines.The evening will touch you with elegance and taste.

銆€銆€Prepare before wine tasting. It is best to eat something before you leave.

This type of wine tasting is generally not too rich in food, usually just prepare some bread, biscuits, cheese and various small snacks.

No one wants to gorge at the tasting because of being hungry.

But drinking a little wine on an empty stomach does strongly stimulate the desire to eat, which is similar to an aperitif.

At the same time, the feeling of being too obese will over-emphasize the appreciation of the wine, and the absorption of alcohol in the fasting will be faster, which will make you feel too much to drink too early.

銆€銆€No matter whether you have eaten before departure, you should brush your teeth within two hours before tasting, and then stop eating any spicy food, chocolate, mint or smoking.

Because the taste left in the mouth will affect the appreciation and judgment of the wine.

Some foods and seasonings, such as garlic, will still have a strong taste even after brushing. Therefore, raw onions, ginger, garlic, etc. are best to avoid eating before the wine tasting or the first meal of the feast.

銆€銆€Many people like to spray perfume, it is easier to participate in social activities, but the exception should be for wine tasting.

During the wine tasting process, it is necessary to carefully correct and feel the various floral and fruity aromas of the wine. The cover of the perfume is quite obvious. It is possible that the rose fragrance in the wine caused by the gentleman is actually from a certain person around him.Ms.

Therefore, it is best not to use perfume when participating in wine tasting, at least not to use strong perfume.

It may be similar. Before tasting, try not to use a variety of scented skin care products, hair products or odor masking agents.

銆€銆€The ideal room temperature for wine tasting is 20 掳 C?
At 22 掳 C, the temperature of most wine tastings is in the same range.

Regardless of the overall level of wine tasting, participants should prepare in advance to arrive at the wine tasting site early.

No one can breathlessly, sweating and rushing to the hurriedly, immediately enters the state of appreciation, which is also an obvious disturbance to the elegant and calm taste of wine.

After the age of 45 is a golden period of health, after getting up, 3 things like it and try not to do it.


After the age of 45 is a golden period of health, after getting up, 3 things like it and try not to do it.

Longevity has always been what many people are eager to get. In order to live longer, many people will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to support their health.

But health care should also pay attention to the correct and correct method.

Only when the health care method is correct can you get twice the result with half the effort, so that it will not have a major impact on the body.

The survey shows that people who have passed the age of 45 are the best time to maintain their health.

Absolute gender, if you want to live longer, these three things should be restrained even if you like it.

Getting up in the morning is too fast. When you wake up in the morning, it is generally not recommended to get up too fast. Don’t sit up suddenly, this can pose a threat to our health.

If you get up too much, it will cause the blood flow in our head to rise rapidly and continuously, which will increase the pressure on the brain and easily lead to a series of brain diseases.

Especially when the elderly get up, it should not be fast, it is not easy to cause cerebrovascular disease, it is easy to have dizziness, and the phenomenon is dark in front of the eyes.

The correct way to get up in the morning: After getting up in the morning, I suggest you not to lift it up immediately. You should lie on the bed for 5 minutes. If the time is urgent, you should lie at least 2 minutes.

When you are lying down, you can move your limbs, and your head can go down to the left and right.

This helps to awaken the brain and keep the brain awake.

After getting up in the morning, don’t drink water and get up in the morning. Under normal circumstances, you should drink a glass of water to restore the water loss in the evening.

When a person sleeps, he experiences a night’s metabolism. At this time, the human body consumes too much water, and the body is in a state of water shortage. It needs to be replenished in time. If it cannot be replenished for a limited time, it cannot be veryGood to maintain the balance inside our body, the internal fatigue can not be effectively slowed down.

Suggestions for getting up and drinking water: It is recommended that everyone get up to a moderate temperature of water after getting up. Drinking water should not be too fast. Drinking too fast can easily bring a burden to the body. A more appropriate method is to drink it in small mouth.

Drinking water can promote our gastrointestinal motility and promote internal digestion.

Not getting breakfast after getting up in the morning For many people, not having breakfast has become a normal phenomenon.

If it is because of some special reasons, occasionally not eating breakfast, it is normal.

But if you don’t eat regularly, then our body may warn.

Long-term not eating breakfast will damage the normal function of human gastrointestinal function. Over time, it will bring some gastrointestinal diseases. At this time, the human immune system will also drop, and the human body will not get the nutrients it needs.Will affect the spirit of people.

People’s memory and work enthusiasm may have different degrees of decline in women.

Breakfast advice: It usually takes a long time to have breakfast in the morning. It only needs us to get up early every day for a while.

If you have the conditions, I suggest that I have breakfast at home, and that my breakfast is both nutritious and delicious.

In addition, the breakfast that I make at home is usually too much, and in general, it is lower than the price of breakfast sold outside.

In general, health care is more important after 45 years old, and it is also a key point in health care in the morning. You need to know each other.

It’s also the way to go wrong in life.


It’s also the way to go wrong in life.

The three brothers made a living from the countryside to the city, one called the blame, one called resentment, and the other called no regrets.

銆€銆€The three brothers walked together, and on the way, they slumbered and slumbered. They met with desert sand and dust, turned over seven mountains, and covered 21 large rivers. They finally came to a bustling and lively market town.

There are three major roads, only one of which can make a city, but no one can tell which one is.

銆€銆€Resentful said: “The only thing that my father taught me in my life is that I have to listen to the fate of my life. I close my eyes and choose one. I have a chance to try my luck.

He just picked one and left.

銆€銆€Resentment: “Who told us to be born in that poor place, I have not read the book, and it is most likely that I can’t figure out which way to go. I will go to the road next to the sky.”

“The pat on the ass is also gone.”

銆€銆€The rest is a small road, no regrets can not decide.

He thought about it and decided to go to the town to ask the elders first.

The elders met him, but still shook his head. “No one has been to the city because it is too far away.
And our life here is not bad.

However, the child, I can tell you the words of my grandfather – the wrong way is also the way.

“No regrets, remembering the sincerity of the elders, embarking on that path and pursuing his dream of the city.”

The pain he experienced was unparalleled, but every setback, every failure did not defeat him.

When he faced a desperate situation, he always said to himself that “the wrong way is also the road”, so he came over.

One day after 10 years, he finally saw the city of imaginative thoughts. With his outstanding tenacity and perseverance, he started from the business of one dollar鈥攕hoes, picking up trash, turning dishes, and later he became a family.The company’s general staff, blue-collar, white-collar workers, until they independently registered a company.

銆€銆€After 30 years, no regrets are old. He gave the company to his son to take care of him and went back to his hometown to find his brother.

It is still the poor western village, still the huts of the huts, the days of resentment and resentment, and the days of sunset and sunset, the three brothers each tell their own stories.

The most grievous road went for five months, the road was getting narrower and narrower, the beasts were haunted, and he was almost eaten by the wolf at dusk one day, so he had to come back.

The road of resentment was no different from the blame. After returning, he felt that he could not look up and be a man for a lifetime.

No regrets lie: “I am taking the same path as yours. The only difference is that I will never look back when I try.

“In fact, every road can lead to the city. If you go wrong, it is still the road.”

Ten kinds of babies should not eat food parents need to polish their eyes


Ten kinds of babies should not eat food parents need to polish their eyes

Milk: Before the baby is one year old, insist on using breast milk or formula milk, because the baby can’t digest the protein in the milk, and the nutrition in the milk is not all needed by the baby, and it can be absorbed. The mineral content is likely to be absorbed.Damage to your baby’s kidneys.

Mineral water: Mineral water with high mineral content can damage your baby’s kidneys.

For infants and young children, the mineral content per liter of mineral water should not exceed 100 mg, the sodium should be less than 20 mg, and the fluoride should be less than 1.

5 mg.

Honey: Clostridium in honey can cause botulism.

The initial adult will prevent the growth of this spore, but the baby does not have this ability, which is likely to cause the risk of poisoning.

Protein: Your baby can eat egg yolks, but you can wait until about one year old to eat protein protein, because protein can cause allergies. If you have a family history of babies, you should be around two years old.

Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a food that is very susceptible to allergies. It is best to add it when your baby is one or two years old.

In addition, the peanut butter itself is very viscous, it is difficult for a baby to swallow, and it is easy to cause suffocation.

Wheat food: Most babies have been exposed to cereals – cereals and bread for 6-8 months.

But wheat is the most susceptible food in all grains, so if your baby has an allergic experience, it is best to wait until the age of one to eat.

Shellfish: Seafood is very susceptible to allergies, experts recommend, it is best to wait until the baby is one year old.

A baby with a family history of allergies should be added to the age of 3 to 4 years old.

Other potential allergic foods: Because parents have allergic symptoms, and lack of care is sure to worry that the baby has the same inheritance, but also pay attention to some other allergen-related foods – such as corn, soybeans, chocolate, and other allergies after eating.Food – add slowly until one year old.

Bulk food: For the baby at this stage, the green bean-sized food is the safest – it will not be segmented into the baby’s throat; vegetables like carrots, celery, lentils, etc. must be chopped and boiled.In order to give the baby to eat; globular fruits such as grapes and small tomatoes should be cut into diced to feed, and all kinds of simmered willow meat should be diced or minced into meat to be eaten.

A small hard food: nuts (walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, etc.), popcorn, fruit candy, raisins and other dried fruits are suffocating killers that are separated from each other. Try not to give them to your baby, or use otherCooking method; do not give your baby chewing gum, jelly, etc., it is easy to stick to your baby’s throat, resulting in difficulty breathing.

You can’t think of a thin person to increase fat


You can’t think of a thin person to increase fat

Recently, more than 20 nutritionists from the United States, Canada, Italy and the country have carefully reviewed the recent articles published in more than 100 papers in the world, and found that in addition to diet and exercise,In fact, there are still many reasons that may cause too much.

How do thin people get fat?

The reason why you can’t think of killing ~~ 1.

Lack of sleep can make people fat.

Due to the accelerated pace of life, people are constantly busy dealing with various problems that need to be solved. Over time, the time of sleep is slowly deprived invisibly.

Insufficient long-term sleep can affect the eating cycle of the human body clock and also reduce the amount of Leptin protein in the blood.

This protein has an appetite-suppressing effect and also affects the brain’s judgment of whether the body has enough food.

When a person is asleep, even if he is hungry, he will not get up and eat immediately.

But when staying up late, the stomach is more likely to feel obese, and unknowingly eats extra content.


The effects of hormones.

Due to the influence of the food chain, there may be residual hormones in the food entering the human body, resulting in an endocrine balance being affected, making it easier for unfortunate accumulation in the human body.



Less and less people around the smoke will also get fat.

The smell of smoke has an appetite suppressing effect on both the smoker and the passive smoker.


air conditioning.

The human body enjoys air conditioning, and the heat inside the body is consumed enough.


The anion of the drug also makes people fat.


Structural changes in the social population.

The population that people start to bless in middle ages has an increasing proportion of the total population.


Aboriginal time.

As the childbearing age grows, the weight of children born to older mothers is generally heavier.


Genetic relationship.

It is easier for a fat person to find a family with similar size to form a family.

Children under fat life are also more likely to become fat people.

Now there are a lot of fat people, and the descendants of fat people are growing in the form of geometric progression.


The orientation of social aesthetics.



According to Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, fat people are more likely to survive than thin people.

Long-term evolutionary accumulation of obese people has an advantage in the population.
銆€銆€Some of these statements sound really ridiculous, but in the end they are the result of research.

After 90, the old aunt suffocated the artifact, drinking a healthy and natural beauty


After 90, the “old aunt” suffocated the “artifact”, drinking a healthy and natural beauty

Now the first 90s are also quickly entering the 30th hurdle, more and more 90 after joining the health army, no longer staying up late, K songs to the night, no longer overdraw the body, then suitable for the “old aunt” health after the 90sWhat is the way?

Let’s talk about how to drink Su Yanmei.

First, the effect of phlegm and soaking water: The benefits of jaundice are many, such as qi and blood, enhance immunity, protect the liver, diuretic, anti-aging and so on.

Method: Take about 15 tablets at a time, you can drink regularly. After re-seding, the quality of sleep will be better and the weight will decrease.

Note: Can not drink during menstruation, yin deficiency and impotence can not drink.

Second, the effect of rose tea: It has the functions of promoting blood circulation and dispersing phlegm, soothing the liver and regulating qi, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, nourishing the skin and rejuvenating the skin, calming and relieving depression.

Method: You can drink with rose water alone, or you can add jujube, ginseng soaked in water, 1 jujube plus 2 small ginseng and rose for 10 minutes after brewing; Note: Prince participates in the bigThe nourishing effect of jujube can make the rose’s beauty and skin rejuvenation function better.

Third, Lily Tremella Sydney soup effect: Tremella has spleen appetite, Yiqi Qingchang, nourishing Yin and lungs, enhance human immunity and so on.

Lily is the best weapon to deal with the dryness of autumn, so it is appropriate to drink it in late summer and early autumn.

Method: Tremella is soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, peel off the small pieces, peel the pears, cut into small pieces after the core, put all the ingredients in the pot, add appropriate amount of water; boil and turn into a small fire and cook for 20 minutes;Wait until the pot is slightly thick and open a big fire; then pour in rock sugar until the sugar is melted.

Fourth, red bean glutinous rice porridge effect: with beauty detoxification, dampness and spleen, fill the heart, lose weight, diuresis and so on.

Method: Soak the glutinous rice and red beans in warm water for half a day; remove the jujube into the nucleus; put the glutinous rice, red beans and jujube into the pot together; add boiled water to make the porridge, or add sugar to taste.

Note: glutinous rice red bean porridge to eat too much is not good for the stomach, fasting should not eat; porridge should not increase the rice, affecting the effect of phlegm.

Five, papaya stewed snow 铔?effect: ferrets oil extracted from female northeast forest frog, transforming protein, containing surface growth factors and promoting cell division factors, can make the skin beautiful and beautiful.

More than 17 kinds of amino acids of papaya, calcium, iron, etc., also contain papain, papaya and the like.

Therefore, papaya stewed ferrets can moisturize and nourish the skin, and have a rich nutritional value.

Method: The snow squid oil is brewed into a white translucent state, and added to the boiling water for a while to swell and drip dry.

Wash the papaya with a clean skin, cut 2/5 caps on the top, cut the papaya into a jagged shape, dig out the nucleus and sputum, and put the papaya into the stew.

Add the rock sugar and water together, then add the snow simmer for half an hour, add fresh milk, wait until it rolls, roll it into the papaya, cover it, insert the solid wood melon with a toothpick, and open it 80 minutes after the water is opened.
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Healthy little common sense is getting colder, and autumn health is at the time.


“Healthy little common sense” is getting colder, and autumn health is at the time.

After the white dew, the weather turned cold every day, the autumn is getting stronger, and autumn health has become a concern for everyone.

How to maintain health is the best for you?

Today, 鈥淗ealthy West City鈥?tells you about the things that are going to be healthy in the fall.

Autumn is prone to disease. When blood pressure drops, blood vessels contract, and the weather is cold. People do not exercise regularly. The sodium in the body cannot be excreted by sweating, which will cause people’s blood pressure to rise.

Hypertension increases the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when blood pressure is too high, which may have serious consequences.

The temperature of the cold in autumn and evening is reduced, alternating between hot and cold, and it is prone to sudden temperature drop. If the volume cannot be increased or decreased in time, the immune system of the person will be affected to some extent, and the resistance of the human body will be reduced. People with weak constitution are prone to suffer.Have a cold and other diseases.

Gastric diseases Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers are easy to develop in the fall.

Temperatures in autumn temperatures have an adverse effect on people with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers and other diseases.

These parts should be kept warm, and many people may experience neck pain in the fall. In addition to cervical spondylosis, it may be caused by cold.

In addition, cold complications will stimulate the contraction of the skull and cause adverse effects on the condition of cardiovascular disease.

Abdominal temperature difference between day and night in the abdomen, night cold is easy to invade the human body, thereby stimulating the stomach and causing diarrhea, so pay special attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

The coldness in front of the front is likely to cause respiratory diseases such as cough and bronchitis.

When sleeping in the autumn night, try not to open the window of the bedroom too much to avoid the back being cold.

Cold joints and joints are prone to arthritis, cold shoulders may cause shoulder inflammation, and knee joints may also have adverse effects when exposed to cold air. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the warmth of joints in autumn.

The capillaries of the feet of the feet can correspond to the whole body, and the coldness of the feet may reflect the contraction of the capillaries of the relevant parts, and finally affect the relevant parts.

Especially for people with cardiovascular diseases, we must pay more attention to the warmth of the feet.

Autumn health tips to ensure adequate sleep and gradually cool down the weather, should change the habit of sleeping late in the summer, should get up early and get up early.

At the same time, proper nap is good for relieving distress and eliminating fatigue, but pay attention to the nap time should not be too long.

When you increase or decrease the temperature of the clothes in time, you should pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes in time. In the autumn, you should pay attention not to catch cold.

The place where you live should be ventilated frequently, and the weather should be reduced as much as possible in case of sudden cooling or windy weather.

Pay attention to the cold weather may affect the stomach, so pay more attention to diet, mainly warm, soft food, avoid sick, excellent food, and eat less spicy food.Patients with cardiovascular disease should pay attention to the intake of sodium.

Appropriate aerobic exercise appropriate aerobic exercise can increase the oxygen content in the blood, so that the brain’s oxygen supply is sufficient, leading to the disappearance of fatigue, but pay attention to work and rest during exercise, to ensure sleep time, high blood pressure patients during exercisePay attention to the strength that the body can withstand to avoid danger.

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Do a good job of winter stomach

Do a good job of winter “stomach”

After entering the winter, the temperature becomes cold.
Chinese medicine believes that: cold is yin and evil, easy to hurt yang, internal guests in the stomach, injury and gas, gas injury and dysfunction, gas stagnation, stomach qi, and nowhere is pain.
Western medicine believes that: cold can stimulate the human nervous system, making its excitability higher, so that the autonomic nerves that control the internal organs are in a state of tension, causing the blood vessels in the stomach to smash and contract, and the blood flow in the stomach is reduced, causing the stomach to be ischemic,Hypoxia, the protective effect of the gastric mucosa is reduced, leading to inflammation, ulcers, etc., resulting in bloating and stomach pain.
Because of this, winter has always been a high incidence of stomach disease, mild stomach pain and indigestion, and even severe vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc., so in winter, you need to do a good stomach war.
銆€銆€Living insurance “stomach”: When the weather is cold, pay special attention to the stomach to keep warm, add clothes in time to prevent the stomach from catching cold and causing stomach pain or aggravating the old disease.
Sun Siwei, a famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said: “The winter moon should not go out early in the morning and offend the cold.
Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, which is beneficial to yang stagnation, accumulation of yin and ton, and improve the body’s ability to resist cold.
銆€銆€Diet to protect the “stomach”: diet adjustment is also a key measure, into the cold winter, everyone’s food intake will increase, but do not overeating, eat less meals to reduce the burden on the stomach.
It is easy to digest food, and it is suitable for warm, soft, light, vegetarian and fresh.
Warm food is the most direct way to warm the stomach. Drinking hot porridge in the morning and evening is beneficial to gastrointestinal health.
To avoid eating cold, spicy, strong tea and other stimulating products.
銆€銆€Tonic “protecting the stomach”: Chinese medicine believes that winter is the season of collection, but also the season of accumulating strength to wait for “germination”. Grasping these months for conditioning, it can compensate for the high temperature in summer and the spleen and stomach damaged by factors such as cold drinks.Function to bring it back to normal operation.
Most of the old stomach diseases that recur in winter belong to the syndrome of spleen and stomach deficiency, and should choose drugs or foods that have the effect of warming the stomach and strengthening the spleen.
But not everyone is a debilitating physique. Before supplementing, you should first dialectify, according to the individual’s physical condition, tonic under the guidance of a doctor.
銆€銆€Psychological “protecting the stomach”: winter is easy to make people’s mind and body in a low state, the best way to change mood in winter is activity, jogging, dancing, playing and so on.
Always keep a happy spirit, optimistic mood, mental health, avoid the stimulation of unhealthy factors such as anxiety, fear, nervousness, sorrow, etc., can adjust the gastrointestinal rhythm and ensure gastrointestinal health.
銆€銆€If the stomach pain recurs, self-conditioning can not alleviate the symptoms, you need to pay attention to the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease.
In addition to pain affecting people’s life and work, ulcer disease can also have life-threatening complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation, and obstruction.
Therefore, preventive health care should be done in peacetime. Once there is upper gastrointestinal bleeding (black stool or hematemesis) or perforation (sudden severe abdominal pain), you should go to the hospital for treatment.
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A cold wash your hands to prevent the occurrence of a cold.
Because the switches, door handles, etc. that others have often touched are the dirtiest places, it is often necessary to wash your hands, especially after touching these parts.
In addition, keep your household cups, towels and other supplies clean, especially when someone in the family is sick.
銆€銆€Handling: If you have a cold, try to use a paper towel instead of a towel, so you can throw it away and prevent others from being infected.
At the same time, drink plenty of water and pay attention to rest.
Pharyngitis Pharyngitis is a common disease in winter, mainly caused by viral infections.
In addition, changes in the temperature of your environment, such as from a heated indoor to outdoor, can also cause pharyngitis.
銆€銆€Treatment: The quickest way to treat pharyngitis is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
Although this does not treat the infection, it is resistant to inflammation and has a symptom-relieving effect.
At the same time, take the medicine on time.
Norwalk-like virus infections Norwalk-like viruses infect humans can cause symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, such as vomiting.
The disease can occur all year round, but it is more common in winter, especially in hotels and schools. It can be treated within two days. If someone has vomiting or diarrhea, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
Infants or the elderly especially need to be careful, as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor to replenish and treat.

Join the square dance army and start to health with your parents. It turns out that you are like this 90


Join the square dance army and start to health with your parents. It turns out that you are like this 90

Speaking of 90, the first words in your mind to describe their words are: only child, self, publicity, distinct personality, independence, creativity, naked words, etc., the society is very eager to give 90There are too many labels attached, can it really be like this after 90?

Then come and talk to everyone about the Buddha system around me.

1. I don’t know when to start the square dance. The square dance has not been the exclusive patent of the aunts and aunts. The aunts and grandchildren, who are idle, have nothing to do, or have just returned home from work, have quietly changed.Behind a group of seniors, happy to dance the most rhythmic dance, jumping square dance can not only give you full exercise, but also make your inexplicable mood comfortable, but not too good, but the square dance can be absolutelyIt’s not the simple movement you imagined. The little friend quietly said to me that I want to dance square dance, but I am still very confident.

2, go out on weekends, no, no, no, no one wants to pull me out of bed. In your impression, is it a group of bears who went out on the weekend after a 90-year-old, then I told him seriously?You, it’s not. Every weekend, 90 of them are just like to lie in bed, and they just want to waste their physical strength, go out and squat, don’t exist, the soft bed is me.The true love, the enchanting goods outside have to give way to true love.

3, before 11 o’clock, missed on time, do you think that those who are still eating chicken at 2 or 3 in the middle of the night are 90?

Then you may have misunderstood something. After 90 years of being replaced, I told me very responsibly. After eleven o’clock, I will cut off all contact with the outside world on time and enter the sacred undisturbed sleep time.I must sleep before the point, health is the first essential thing of life, the rest are clouds 4, with my mother to buy skin care products than her professional as the first generation of computer poisoning, after 90 is very responsible to tell youHealth is a must, no matter when it is early.

What, now looking for a purchase or buy cosmetics, skin care products!

If there is no such thing, the current 90s will be purchased for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. If you have not gone out, you will bring a thermos cup. Well, you are also a must, and you can’t have less.

When the 80s were still troubled by the baby, the 90s had already entered the old-age life in advance. The very standard planners who follow the parents’ maintenance of the body must not be half a step behind the road to health.

Is this 90 after you imagine?

Maybe it is very different from your imagination, but there are a lot of Buddhists in the 90s, and they have passed the old age.