Drink more water to relieve stress in men?

Drink more water to relieve stress in men?

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, people’s psychological pressure is increasing, and the living environment is gradually deteriorating, making male health problems more and more prominent.

Experts point out that drinking more healthy water can help relieve physiological stress and be more beneficial to men’s health.

  Mortality, andrological diseases are increasing at an annual rate of 3%, becoming a “killer” that seriously endangers men’s health.

Health scientists at the University of Texas in the United States point out that compared with women, men have reduced immunity, poor endurance, and weak vitality.

As men’s life and work pressure increase, more and more men enter menopause early.

  Because men do not pay attention to small details of their lives, many times they become ill without realizing it.

Men often think that they should take on more family and social responsibilities, so they work hard and have more work-life pressure.

  Men are often busy with entertainment, contracting bad habits such as smoking, drinking, overeating, etc . From this perspective, men need to cause their own health.

  Experts point out that for men’s health needs, healthy water should be adhered to.

The small molecular cluster structure of healthy water has large cohesion, close molecular gaps, strong surface tension, and is very close to the water molecular structure in human cells. It has a high biological affinity and can be easily absorbed to ease physiological needs.It is important to regulate the male immune system and promote growth.

  According to the complete concept of healthy water proposed by the World Health Organization, healthy water should exceed three characteristics: 1.

No pollution, exclude pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals and harmful chemicals; 2.

Contains natural minerals and trace elements required by the human body; 3.

Life vitality has not been degraded, showing weak alkaline, small molecule water, strong activity, etc.

  Men are more likely to exercise outside of work.

At this time, ordinary water does not fully meet the needs of men.

During exercise, sweat will take away many inorganic salts, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc.

At this time, it is more necessary to drink more healthy water to supplement the body’s needs, and at the same time, it can prevent radiation interference.

  In addition, men should pay attention to zinc, iron and vitamins in their daily diet.

Zinc is an active ingredient of the enzyme. Although its content is small, it is very important to promote growth. Therefore, eat more seafood and coarse grains; supplement vitamins appropriately to deal with coronary heart disease and prevent embolism.

Job refusal to change from yourself

Job refusal to change from yourself

Refusal to apply for a job often makes people feel like they overturned the Wuwei bottle in their hearts, and it resembles an old wound recurring.

It is typical to be ignored or arrogant, to be helpless, humiliated, or any combination of these feelings.

You may feel hurt or annoyed like Pat, and be bored by how others treat you.

Interviews over and over may make you feel that Jiang Lang is exhausted, but the result is still on the rejected list.

  Don’t indulge in self-pity, you must regroup and gather energy again.

If you really want to work for a company, don’t prevent them from writing a letter that shows how disappointed you are for someone you are looking for.

Remind them again that you can give your company all the advantages you have.

Let them know that you will still be interested in working for them if something goes wrong or the opportunity comes again.

  Or, if you still feel the drama, you can call and talk to the person who interviewed you.

Sometimes you can find individuals who are willing to talk to your personality and talk about your interview situation and where you lost.

Take action at least you at least think you might even fight.

Sometimes candidates do not necessarily end up at work, or individuals change their minds.

You will never know what is going to happen; you will feel that as long as you take positive action, you will be better able to control the situation.

  When you are invited to an interview, think more about optimism.

You have been ranked above others.

If you get a second round of interviews, obviously you are doing it right.

Continue to improve your interview skills and score yourself afterwards.

Like many other things in your life, the harder you work, the better the results will be.

Keep going, and eventually you will get your ideal job.

A good little recipe for treating beriberi

A good little recipe for treating beriberi

Athlete’s foot is commonly known as athlete’s foot, and Hong Kong’s foot is an infectious foot skin disease caused by complications and is easy to recur.

From the long-term clinical treatment effect, a course of treatment of athlete’s foot takes at least 4 weeks.

This is because after killing the hypertension, there will be some residual residues. It takes at least 4 weeks for the new skin tissue to grow. If the dust is just killed, the medicine is discontinued and it is easy to parasitize the new skin tissue.repeat.

  If it is a bit more complicated, like old beriberi with thicker keratosis, the treatment time should be longer, and some oral medicines should be applied if necessary.

  Experts reminded that the onset of athlete’s foot is important to clean your feet and wash your feet with warm water every day, penetrate the shoes and socks with good air quality, and keep the shoes and socks dry.

Someone in the family has beriberi, and it should be completely cured so as not to pass it on to the family.

  What are the secrets to treating beriberi?

Traditional Chinese medicine experts to treat beriberi fractures. Athlete’s beriberi is a very common fracture infectious skin disease.

70-80% of adults have athlete’s foot, just different in severity.

It often aggravates in summer and eases in winter, and some people never heal all year round.

  Athlete’s foot is the common name of athlete’s foot, thus providing 8 tips for treating athlete’s foot, the preferred reference.

  1. Hypertension, athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, and continuous rubbing with raw garlic to cure.

  2. Use vinegar to make the cream into a paste and apply it to the affected area.

Use as you go, lighter 1 time, heavy 2 to 3 times can be cured.

  3. Wash your feet with eggplant root and salt-boiled water to cure your athlete’s foot.

  4. In the summer, athlete’s foot is made, and the affected foot can be washed and dried, and then the affected area can be coated with wind oil essence once or twice a day. Generally, the effect can be seen several times.

  5. Take the cigarette ash and remove it to the wet toes of the toes, which can cure itchy blisters and ulcers.

  6, has committed beriberi for many years, can be painted with toothpaste, the effect is very effective.

  7. Green tea contains carbonic acid, which has a bacteriostatic effect, especially for treating Hong Kong feet.

  8. Take 1000 grams of Maifan Stone, add 2000 grams of boiled water and soak it. Use this water to scrub feet, acne, eczema, scalp and other diseases every day. It has significant effect.

Gardenia Chick Gardenia

Gardenia Chick Gardenia

[Raw materials]: 6 gardenia flowers, appropriate amount of shiitake mushrooms, 1 small rooster, and bamboo shoots placed in[making]: 6 gardenia flowers, finely cut petals, into a bowl, add water, rice wine, MSG, wet starch and mix, Sprinkle white sugar to dissolve; appropriate amount of shiitake mushrooms foamed and sliced; 1 chick slaughtered, cleaned after breaking the belly to remove impurities.

After soy sauce (oily food), rice wine, ginger flakes, scallion white, white sugar are blended into the juice, the chicken is gradually transferred for 1 hour.

Then put in a large bowl, add winter bamboo shoots, and steam the shiitake mushrooms in a basket for 15 minutes.

  [Efficacy]: Indications of bruises[Contraindications]: Those who suffer from spleen deficiency and stool

Low libido-Erxian roast lamb

Low libido-Erxian roast lamb

[Raw materials]15 grams of imperial grass, 15 grams of fairy spleen, 250 grams of mutton.

  [Method]Wash and slice the lamb first.

Slice the grass and fairy spleen into a gauze bag, tie the bag tightly, put it into the casserole with the lamb slices, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it in the high heat, add ginger slices, spring onions, cooking wine, refined salt and other spices,Instead, simmer over low heat until the mutton is cooked. Remove the medicine bag, add a small amount of MSG, and spice powder.

  [Serving method]Served as a meal, eat with the amount.

  [Efficacy]warm kidney yang.

  [Indications]Kidney-yang deficiency type menopause syndrome, pale or dull face, debilitating spirit, chills, cold limbs, tenderness of waist and knees, edema of facial limbs, lack of food and stools, frequent urination at night, low libido, pale menstruation or menopause, Pale tongue, white tongue coating, thin and weak pulse.

  [Information]Xianmao, Xianling spleen warming kidney yang, and recent experimental research found that the extract has androgen-like effects.

Mutton can warm the kidneys and aphrodisiac, and nourish essence and vitality.

According to clinical observations, this diet therapy formula has better therapeutic effect on male and female menopausal syndromes with kidney-yang weakness syndromes.

Acne to find the reason for bladder acne _1

The cause of bladder acne is revealed

It’s been a long time since I bought puberty, but the annoying “Youth Beauty Pox” still appears on my face?

This may be caused by your unhealthy habits. What kind of problems do some positions on the two ends correspond to?

Let’s take a targeted look at what may be wrong with acne that appears outside the body!

  Forehead area 1.

Stress studies show that when the stress becomes greater, the body’s first acne appears on the forehead and cheeks. This is because when life gets busy, the body releases more leather alcohol, which is what causes acne.The main cause of acne outbreaks.

So, even if you work too much overtime and your life is busy, remember to give yourself time to relax, do n’t let your work reduce your skincare time, and you must remove your makeup when you get home late.


Re-set your hair products. Have you recently used products such as replacement wax, hair spray, and hair dye?

These are also likely to be the culprits for hairline acne.

At the same time, too nourishing shampoo, conditioner is likely to remain around the hairline, they are not only a burden on the skin.


Digestive system In the theory of Chinese medicine, the area facing the forehead is exactly the forehead, so if you have eaten too much junk food or heavy diet recently, these acne may also be your gastrointestinal protest.

  Eyebrow area 4.

Makeup Many people avoid eyebrows when they exfoliate their eyes when exfoliating their faces, but in fact there will also be old horny cuticles and residual makeup.

So make sure your eyebrows get the same care as your face.

If you paint your eyebrows during the day, remember to remove your makeup carefully at night.


Eyeglasses The friction between eyeglasses and eyebrows does not necessarily produce acne, but the bacteria carried by the glasses are much larger than you think.

Therefore, when rubbing and squeezing, the skin is likely to receive irritation, which can cause acne.


Eyebrow wax Eyebrow wax is a good helper for repairing eyebrow shape, but it also brings the risk of hair follicle infection.

So just after trimming your eyebrows, avoid using concealer in the same area to reduce the risk of infection.

  Chin area 7.

Hormones When you are in the natural detoxification phase of the body-a certain menstrual period, you are likely to develop some acne in the chin, because the skin’s sebaceous glands are stimulated by hormones.

For this situation, you can choose some organic purifying masks to soothe the skin.

  Cheek area 8.

Phone headsets are not only used to listen to music at work, answering calls is its main function!

Bacteria carried by mobile phones can cause pores and sebaceous glands infections. Imagine a picture of bacteria being transferred to your side while being catalyzed by body temperature!

No headphones yet!


The digestive system is the same as the acne on the forehead. Improper diet can also make your acne grow on your cheeks, depending on whether you want to eat the original chicken every day.

  Upper lip area 10.

Lipstick Many of the coloring agents used in beautiful lipsticks can cause blackheads and pores, so when you apply a big red lips, please remember to remove them cleanly.


Hormones are the same. During menstruation, some women will develop acne in the triangle between nose, statute, and upper lip. Remember to keep your mood happy.


The beard wax moustache is really annoying, so beeswax removal is simply a masterpiece of God, but the skin is damaged at the moment of tearing. Remember to do enough calming work.

  Nose area 13.
Diet Did you notice that acne on the nose only appears when you finish eating fried food?

Cysts and blackheads are also a sign of high blood pressure.
So you need to control your vitamin B intake, remember to eat more vegetables and exercise.


The habit of smoking leads to impaired lung function, and this is also directly displayed around the nose, not to mention the act of smoking, which itself will cause friction on the nose skin.

Family dinner, the best five topics

Family dinner, the best five topics

High-quality dinner is a family sharing event, and even only a bowl of clear soup, you can also share the joy of the spoons colliding, the steaming steamed boil, the sigh that the hot tip of the tongue and the pride of the year.

Such sharing is a huge asset in the family’s spiritual account. It can help every member of the family to grow up healthy, resist stress and injury, and withstand all kinds of modern people often in the long and full of trials and tests.”Fashionable” mental illness.

  One year, one week, one day, one dinner together is the only yearning for many old people in the year. Although they may be overworked, they may continue to be at the dinner table continuously.independent.

When the children are really independent and the number of people on the table is getting smaller, the aging parents close the panic of the empty nest period, and a series of psychosomatic diseases continue to strike. At this time, one of the best antidoteIt is to have a dinner for the children, as they were still young, and the children need them.

Therefore, to accompany parents to dinner to a certain extent is to help them confirm their value in the family system, enhance their sense of connection, resolve loneliness and loneliness, and resist the fear of aging and loss.

  Having dinner together is also the only longing of many partners for a week. Although “the lover is not around and the heart is hurting, the lover is facing.” Although that one always promises them: I want to make more money and take you to Paris.Dining in a romantic restaurant.

In fact, lonely couples don’t need Paris, they want to chat and chat together in their own kitchen, and have coarse tea and light rice at their own table.

Because love and marriage are not a result, but also the company of each other in the process.

  Dinner together is the longing of many children every day.

Mom and Dad are celebrities, and Mom and Dad are rich. These have nothing to do with their happiness and happiness. As long as the happy and happy Mom and Dad are sitting at the table together, what the modern people extremely lack of is called a “security”.They nodded in their hearts, supporting them to face the ups and downs of growth.

The dining table is actually the desk in their life classroom. What they learn is participation, getting along and being close, someone listening and listening to the confession, the harmony and conflict of different views, and when they are parents in the futureA copy of wisdom and affection that you can share and share with your family.

  Therefore, in a family that can often go to dinner in harmony, the old people are less likely to age, the love between husband and wife is stable, and the children are more able to grow into a complete person healthily.

 The best dinner theme During the dinner, family members can fully exchange feelings and ideas, and each day’s emotions can be expressed in the family’s “hot pot”.

Because the family is the most important social support system for everyone.

  Many topics can be shared at family dinners, but one thing must be kept in mind: sharing must be open, respectful, and undeniable.

Staying time is by no means the time to educate and criticize children, otherwise, it may create a lot of psychological problems afterwards.

  Topic 1: The thing that makes me the most happy today is that family members sharing their day’s happiness is one of the most effective ways to improve the family happiness index.

Talking about happy things can create a good alternative atmosphere, relax your body and mind, and nourish.

At the same time, talking about everyone’s different happy experiences helps to inspire other members to face ordinary small events with a positive and healthy attitude and learn to find fun from daily life.

  Theme 2: When parents were parents when they were young, when they talked about their childhood, they always taught people a lesson. They always hoped to degrade the children’s current state through their bravery or difficulty.

But in fact, such lessons are not only invalid, but also lead to conflict and dissatisfaction, especially when your family is worth adolescent PK menopause.

To talk about the childhood of grandparents or parents, it is better to share their experiences and perspectives with the children, talk about the confusion they have encountered and solve them later, and then let the children chew and think for themselves.

Such sharing is of great help in improving parent-child relationships, and can help children understand that adults have grown up in the same way. It turns out that they are not alone and can be understood by adults.

 Theme 3: Social Hot Topics Discussing social hot topics appropriately can help a close family stay open to the outside world, actively and healthily integrate into society, pay attention to others, and learn and reserve knowledge and capabilities in foreign relations.

A family with generations will create a neurotic member due to lack of vitality and social resilience, and this family model may be copied from generation to generation and become more and more separated.

  Topic 4: What I’m proud of recently / My recent difficulties and challenges Family is the most important harbor of the soul and the source of all kinds of strength.

Each family member learns to share their own achievements and progress, and also learns to share difficulties and face challenges, which will benefit a person for life and generate endless courage to face various sudden changes in life.

  Topic 5: What I want to do recently Everyone has some small “daydreams” every day. Imagine that I can do something interesting.

Discussing the individual dreams of a member or the family’s collective plan at dinner will make the whole family full of vitality, action, and hope.

The plans discussed at the table are likely to be the source of happiness for the next family.

  There are many topics you can talk about, just remember the principle: no judgment, no blame, no lesson, your family will become the Eden of parent-child relationship as you wish.

  Special reminder. Maybe you happen to have time to read the text, not necessarily “have time” to accompany your family for dinner today.

So, make the best use of your imagination. When you really ca n’t spend time with your family, please remember: you can call home at dinner; you can often add some family members’ favorite foods in the refrigerator;You can leave a card at your place on the table to write some funny words; you can ensure that at least two important holidays and anniversaries of the year get together with the whole family . dinner is actually for each familyGifts are also an important way to reduce stress in the workplace. How you accept it is up to you.

5 mini games to train your baby’s orientation

5 mini games to train your baby’s orientation

As the baby grows up, there are many things to learn: learn to crawl, learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to read, learn to write . Each of these participants, the parents will put great effort into it.

However, many parents may forget that the baby’s sense of orientation needs to be trained.

  1. Organizing the items should allow the baby to play with the toy by itself and return it to its original position.

The completion of this task requires parents and mothers to use the correct language prompts, some “remember the ‘home’ of the small animals in the zoo is on the bottom floor of the wardrobe by the door”.

Only when babies hear canonical, detailed descriptions can they learn these words.

  You can play a game with your baby called “I am a scout”. This game requires your baby to be familiar with the location and names of the surrounding objects.

  2. Hidden cats consciously create “equipment” for children to hide, large boxes that some children can drill into, and so on.

  When you walk around and hit them, there should be a “live report” of where you went, including of course where you found them.

  3, build a “highway” to find a vacant lot, and build a road with a baby between several points, is to build a road for a small puppet’s house, garage and supermarket.

They can all be made of wood or plastic.

  Ask your baby to describe the path the puppet needs to go from one place to another.

  Add some stops, some say traffic lights or zebra crossings, to increase your baby’s vocabulary, and some tasks are more complicated.

Use some short sentences, some “take the zebra crossing across the road” and “turn left at the traffic lights”, etc.

To keep the task brief, ask your baby to describe different routes when using different advances.

  4. Describe the room layout. Baby can learn a lot of orientation knowledge by drawing a map.

  On a large piece of paper, ask your baby to draw the walls of the room and mark the locations of the windows and doors.

  Have your baby cut out different colored, shaped pieces of sticky paper to represent different areas of the room, such as a reading corner stand, and stick these small pieces of paper to large pieces of paper.

  Encourage him to make a more accurate indoor map.

This will be a good start for your baby to understand the process of drawing an area.

  The baby can then introduce the interior furnishings of his own small bedroom in a similar way.

  5. Draw a map Use storytelling to motivate your baby to re-lay out the map and read a story, such as “a little parcel”.

His life began in a frying pan in the granny’s attic.

He jumped from the frying pan to the floor, slipped out of the kitchen, ran out of the door, and then ran off the path.

He looked around the garden and saw a gardener working.

Then he ran into the field and saw a cow and a horse.

Because all the animals and people were chasing him, he jumped into a deep river, and a fox rescued him.

  When you tell a story, encourage your baby to participate in your discovery. You can repeat this famous dialogue: “Run, run, run as fast as you can, but you can’t catch meI’m the little secretary.

“Let the baby draw a picture to show the sequence of events.

When he describes where each incident happened, you need to describe it correctly and correctly.

Essential foods for pregnant women to promote AIDS intellectual development

Essential foods for pregnant women to promote AIDS intellectual development

Pregnant mothers are under a certain amount of stress both psychologically and physically. Not only should they pay attention to their physical health, but also take care of the situation of the children in their stomachs and prepare for a smart and healthy baby.

So what does a pregnant woman eat that is good for her baby’s intelligence?

Now let’s learn how pregnant women should eat.

Certain foods contribute to the intellectual development of vitamins.

  Pregnant women can eat more food for the baby’s brain.

The development of the brain requires a variety of nutrients, of which protein nutrition is the most important. If it can provide sufficient nutrients in infants and young children, it will provide essential substances for the increase of brain cells and functional differentiation.Pioneer plays a vital role.

  Good food for crow brain1. Use coarse grains for coarse grains and less refined rice noodles.

 2. Eat more protein, fish, poultry, eggs, meat and milk. It can provide a large amount of protein.

It is the main source of life.

Women need about 85 grams of high-quality protein every day during pregnancy. The high-quality protein mainly supplements eggs, poultry, lean meat, milk, and beans.

  3, the metabolism of the aunt can supply, pregnant women need aunt about 6060 grams per day (about 50 grams during non-pregnancy).

Too many aunts can cause obesity.

Animal trace feed lard, fat, etc .; Plant trace feed soybean oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, walnuts, sesame, etc., but eat less animal fats.

  4, eat more vitamin-rich foods can cause metabolic disorders.

Vitamins are found in a variety of foods, such as carrots, germinated beans, shelled foods, animal livers, fresh vegetables and fruits.

  What pregnant women eat to help vitamins and brain1.

Eggs Eggs are one of the most important nutritional sources for pregnant women and are very helpful for fetal brain development.

Eggs mainly contain 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, rich in lecithin and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Pregnant women eat eggs to benefit the baby’s brain development.

Moms may have other ways to make eggs and combine them with other dishes, such as egg greens, and so on, to avoid getting bored with a pattern of burning eggs.

It should be noted that because eggs are not easy to digest, do not eat too much at a time, and be more delicate in preparation.


Bananas can help the brain make a chemical component that stimulates the nervous system and is good for brain function.

Eat more fresh fruits, bananas are nutritious, but pay attention to the amount of food, do not affect the appetite for meals due to excessive consumption.


Apples Apples are rich in zinc, which can enhance memory and promote active thinking.

Apple is a nutritious and versatile fruit. Expectant mothers alternately make different types of apple porridge or apple salad to eat.


Green onion contains a component called “prostaglandin A”, which is often eaten to relax small blood vessels and promote blood circulation, making people more flexible.


Pregnant women eat walnuts more to help walnut brain development.

The main component of fat contained in walnuts is glyceryl linoleate. This oil can supply the needs of brain organs, and the trace elements zinc and manganese are important components of the pituitary gland, which can strengthen the brain.

Nuts should be eaten more, but you should eat them after grinding or making sauce.

You can also add some walnut kernels when you drink soy milk, so that it is more nutritious and can help develop high blood pressure brains.


Sesame Sesame, especially black sesame, is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and also contains 19.

7% of high-quality protein and nearly 10 important amino acids, these amino acids are the main components of brain nerve cells.


Fish experts point out that fish feces contain W-3 fatty acids, which can protect the human nervous system and thus strengthen the brain.
Do women overeat fish during pregnancy, eat an average of 2 a month?7 kg is considered suitable.


The vitamin metabolism in corn maize aunt is toxic to prevent cell oxidation and aging, which is beneficial to intelligence.

Corn has a lot of crude fiber, and wide intestine after eating can help eliminate constipation, intestinal health, and indirectly the development of intellectual function.

Therefore, pregnant women should supplement corn deliberately and deliberately in their diets in order to benefit the brain.


Persimmons and persimmons are good for brain health.

Per 100 grams of fresh persimmon is divided into about 76.

5 grams, protein 0.

4 grams, 14 grams of carbohydrates, carotenol L 0.

85 mg, vitamin C43 mg, calcium 147 mg, phosphorus 19 mg, iron 0.

8 mg of vitamin B10.

02 mg, vitamin B20.

01 mg, niacin 0.

1 mg.

  Persimmons are made by drying fresh persimmons. Their nutritional content is higher than that of fresh persimmons. They can be eaten often, but it should not be excessive at one time to prevent stomach persimmon disease.


Jujube in plant foods, some fruits can be described as good brain health, pregnant women eat more of these foods, very beneficial to the fetal brain development.

The content of vitamin C in fresh jujube is rich. The content of vitamin C per 100 grams of edible part can reach 540 mg, and the content in jujube is the highest, which is 830-1170 mg.

Vitamin C in jujube is absorbed up to 86 in the human body.


  Protein per 100 grams of dried dates.

3 grams, aunt 0.

4 grams, 73 grams of sugar, it is estimated that it also contains quite a lot of organic acids, carum I, B vitamins, and vitamin C.


The molecular weight of fresh grapes is 84-92 grams per 100 grams, and the protein is 0.


9 grams, aunt 0.


8 grams, sugar 8.


4 grams, Fructus oleum F 0.

01 mg, vitamin Bl0.


18 mg, vitamin B20.


03 mg, niacin 0.


8 mg, it is estimated to contain vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients.

Grapes contain nutrients that are beneficial to brain function, or anti-thrombotic, and prevent cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases.
Raisins are made by drying grapes. Their sugar and iron content are high.
  Healthy eating is very important for pregnant mothers and directly affects the baby’s health and intelligence.

The above information about what pregnant women eat contributes to the development of vitamin intelligence, hoping to help pregnant mothers well.

5-style yoga relaxes the office OL

5-style yoga relaxes the office OL

The OL family who sits in front of a computer for a long time does not have much exercise time, and most of them are seated incorrectly, which puts more stress on the muscles of various parts of the body and easily causes muscle strain.

So, I will introduce you to some relaxation yoga exercises, and you can easily do office yoga in your seat.

  First, chest expansion is one of the best ways to exercise our body, because we work or study a lot of time on the back.

This formula is to teach you how to use a string elastic band to do chest expansion exercises, and this kind of belt you can find in sports shops or stores.

  Method: 1. You can stand or sit, hold the pair of rope tightly with both hands, and raise your head.

  2. Slowly move the rope backwards and lower its height to reach the extended length.

Hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

  If you have any discomfort in your retina, don’t do this.

  Second, shrugging. Since you have to type all day, your retina and correction need to be stretched and straightened, and it is under pressure from typing.

So shrugging is one of the good ways to relax the face and promote blood circulation in the upper body.

  1. You can stand or sit with your hands hanging down naturally.

  2. Step on the jaw to the ear, squeeze upwards as much as possible, keep this position for 1-2 seconds, and then lower it.

  Repeat this action 8-10 times.

  Third, the top half of your approach may also be tightened due to your long desk work, especially if you often use a pair of tweezers to hold a phone or use a mouse.

Then the straight front may help you loosen up.

  Practices: 1. You can sit or stand with both hands straight and your arms crossed together. At this time, the distance between the palms of your hands is large.

  2, the next two palms together, when you relax your head, the body stares at the hips and hips and turns together.

  3. Don’t let go easily when turning, at this moment you can imagine that you are turning with a ball around.

  Turn around within 10-30 seconds. If you feel that the two arms are twisted and twisted, it can be uncomfortable.

  Fourth, spine twisted brachial sitting will also affect your lower body discomfort and feel tight and painful.

This formula can alleviate the tightness of the lower body.

  Practice: 1. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, and twist your torso gently to the right with your belly.

You can use your hand to help increase the amount of distortion.

  2. Make sure you feel comfortable when turning, straight forward, and sit on the chair to the right.

  Hold the position for 1-30 seconds, then repeat the same action in different directions.

  Fifth, the main shaft dry contraction type Even if you pay attention to your sitting position, you will still find yourself slowly hump.

This makes your back end sore.

And this style can help you straighten and relax the muscles on your arms, back and sides.

  1. You can stand or sit with your fingers crossed.

Then squeeze as hard as you can, lift it as high as you can, and breathe deeply.

  2. Next, exhale and slowly open your hands to the original position.

  Repeat this action 8-10 times.