Eating miscellaneous grains helps reduce women’s psychological stress

Eating miscellaneous grains helps reduce women’s psychological stress

Eating whole grains can relieve psychological stress.

Because if adults lack vitamin B6, they will feel fatigue, weakness, insomnia, etc. When children lack, they will increase nerve excitability, screams and muscle cramps; when vitamin B12 is lacking, the elderly and children are prone to mental disorders and depression.Lethargy and so on.

And cereals, wheat bran, whole wheat bread and other foods are rich in B vitamins.

  And the examples of foods that promote mental health aren’t the only cereals or vitamin B family.

It is understood that after the September 11 incident in 2001, chocolate sales in the United States rose by 30%.

Because the shadow of horror is difficult to remove from your heart, a moderate diet can help relieve psychological stress, and the most convenient food is chocolate.

In addition to convenience, cocoa beans in chocolate raw materials contain cocoa polyphenols. In addition to its strong antioxidant properties, it can also help people overcome anxiety and relieve stress.

  Eating more foods containing vitamin C also helps reduce stress.

Because vitamin C can help the body make adrenocortical hormones, which increases the ability to resist stress.

  But everything needs to be moderated, not blindly true.

Grain is a good thing, but if you eat it every day, it may not be good. In addition to the stomach, it will cause the body to lack the necessary fatty acids, high-quality protein and other nutrients.It is possible to eat the kidneys bad.

  Needless to say, except for dark chocolate (or “pure chocolate”).

Because the sugar content of chocolate on the market is very high.

Eating for a long time, the psychological pressure has recovered, and diabetes may “see you”.