[How to make steamed fish delicious?

Family steamed fish practice Daquan]_How to do _ Production method

[How to make steamed fish delicious?
Family steamed fish practice Daquan]_How to do _ Production method

Fish is rich in nutrients, and eating fish has a good tonic effect on the human body.

Steamed fish is a practice of fish and is a very popular food.

Different regions make different methods of steaming fish, including Cantonese-style steamed fish, steamed mandarin fish, and steamed Wuchang fish.

Different steamed fish have different cooking steps.

Here are some methods for steaming fish.

First, method 1 Cantonese-style steamed fish production ingredients: 1 fish auxiliary: spring onion, ginger, steamed fish stew oil, salt, oil production process 1.

Clean the fish, put salt inside and out, and put ginger slices on top.

Steamed fish 2.

Steam in a hot pan for about 10 minutes (time depends on the size and thickness of the fish).


Remove the steamed soup from the plate and remove the old ginger slices (or replace the new plate directly).


Sprinkle chopped green onions and ginger on the fish.


Start a new wok, heat the oil, pour over the fish, and pour in the proper amount of steamed fish stew oil.

Second, method 2 steamed mandarin fish to make a mandarin fish (about 750 grams), 3 slices of cooked ham (25 grams).

6 cooked bamboo shoots (60g), 3 shiitake mushrooms, 2 fine salt.

5 grams, MSG 1.

5 grams, 25 grams of Shao wine, 10 grams of cooked chicken oil, 2 ginger slices.

5 grams, one scallion.

During the production process, the mandarin fish is cleaned and laid flat on the bottom plate.

Use a knife to dissect from head to tail, and then make a knife every 25 cm oblique slice in the tail of the fish to the bone.

Take a large waist plate.

Put the mandarin fish, add Shao wine, ginger slices, green onions and cooked ham slices, and steam for 15 minutes.

Remove the onion knots, ginger slices, and raw juice into a small bowl after leaving the cage.

Mushrooms, bamboo shoots are cooked in boiling water, 3 bamboo shoots are placed on each side of the fish body, ham and bamboo shoots are separated from each other, and mushrooms are covered on the bamboo shoots.

Pour the raw juice into a wok, add broth, MSG, refined salt and cooked chicken and boil it. Serve on the fish.

Third, method 3 steamed fish Ingredients: Wuchang fish 1 seasoning: the right amount of salt, soy sauce slices, ginger, green onion amount, Chaotian pepper red amount, a small amount of pepper.

Production process 1.

Without opening the belly, cut off both the head and tail and slice from the back.

Don’t cut your belly.

The knife is fast.


Put on the shape and marinate for a while.


Cut the peppers, chopped green onion and ginger, place ginger slices, and boil water for 4 minutes.
Remove ginger slices when leaving the basket.

Mix steamed fish sauce with a small amount of soy sauce and pepper.

Drizzle the fish and sprinkle with shallots and chili seeds.


Wuchang fish itself is already very fresh, so there is no need to put MSG anymore, the shape is beautiful, and the fish is smooth and delicate.