Yongxing County Municipal Supervision Bureau: No doctors have been found to participate in the big head doll fake milk powder incident

Yongxing County Municipal Supervision Bureau: No doctors have been found to participate in the “big head doll” fake milk powder incident
In response to the “big head doll” fake special doctor milk powder incident in Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, the head of publicity of the Yongxing County Market Supervision Bureau responded to the sauna on May 13. Yewang said that the investigation team is doing its best to calm the parents ’emotions.The claim made is to demand compensation from the stores and related parties involved.At present, the investigation team has contacted the enterprises involved, and no hospitals or doctors have been found to be involved in the incident.The person in charge of the publicity also said that the investigation team had contacted a parent of a child yesterday and will continue to meet other parents today.On May 13th, Sauna Night Network contacted Hunan Weilek Health Industry Co., Ltd., the producer of the product “Beminamine”.The company’s official customer service said that the production of “Bemin” has been discontinued in mid-2019, and the company has been involved in the investigation.Regarding the types of products and the applicable population, the customer service said that “Beminamine” is a common food, which can be eaten by the general population, and the product meets the national standard (solid beverage standard).As to why the product involved in the case was sold in the mother and baby store involved and sold to children with milk allergies, the customer service stated that the product is edible for the general population and can be sold.The company only manufactures products in accordance with national regulations, and it is not clear that the stores are sold to children.According to reports from Hunan Jingshi, recently, parents of many patients in Yongxing County found that their children had eczema, severe weight loss, and severe deformities resembling “big head dolls”, as well as abnormal situations such as constant head patting.The media investigation found that these children were diagnosed as “rickets” by the hospital, and they all ate a “specialist milk powder” called “shuangamine”.In fact, this “milk powder” is a solid beverage and does not have the qualification of special medical milk powder.The Propaganda Department of the Yongxing County Party Committee responded to the media on the evening of May 12 that the 47 “Beminamine” solid beverages purchased by the mother and baby store involved from Hunan Weile Health Industry Co., Ltd. have been sold.At present, the county market supervision bureau, county health and health bureau and other relevant departments have set up special classes to investigate the incident.At the same time, we carried out humanistic care for the five children in the report, arranged a pediatrics expert from the People’s Hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and carried out a one-month comprehensive inspection and rectification of children’s food safety locally.Sauna, night net Guo Tie picture source video screenshot editor Li Yan