5 details in your hand may be your heart

5 details in your hand may be your heart The 5 details in your hand are flawed in your heart 1. Some people who are accustomed to doing things with the right hand mostly have more developed left hemispheres. In their personality, they are more rational than emotional, organized and logical. Their advantage lies in […]

How to treat hemorrhoids prostate

How to treat hemorrhoids prostate (1) 2-4 persimmons, boiled with water and eaten as a snack, twice a day.   (2) Spinach porridge: Add 250 grams of spinach to rice, wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water, cut it into sections, pan the rice, put it in the pot and cook until it is half-cooked.Porridge, […]

5 S tricks to soothe crying babies

5 “S” tricks to soothe crying babies The survey found that about half of the newborns cried for more than 2 hours in a day, and 1/5 of the newborns would have endless babble crying.   This is one of the most helpless things for parents who are new parents. Moreover, it is easy for novice […]

Drink more water to relieve stress in men?

Drink more water to relieve stress in men? As the pace of life continues to accelerate, people’s psychological pressure is increasing, and the living environment is gradually deteriorating, making male health problems more and more prominent. Experts point out that drinking more healthy water can help relieve physiological stress and be more beneficial to men’s […]

Job refusal to change from yourself

Job refusal to change from yourself Refusal to apply for a job often makes people feel like they overturned the Wuwei bottle in their hearts, and it resembles an old wound recurring. It is typical to be ignored or arrogant, to be helpless, humiliated, or any combination of these feelings. You may feel hurt or […]

A good little recipe for treating beriberi

A good little recipe for treating beriberi Athlete’s foot is commonly known as athlete’s foot, and Hong Kong’s foot is an infectious foot skin disease caused by complications and is easy to recur. From the long-term clinical treatment effect, a course of treatment of athlete’s foot takes at least 4 weeks. This is because after […]

Gardenia Chick Gardenia

Gardenia Chick Gardenia [Raw materials]: 6 gardenia flowers, appropriate amount of shiitake mushrooms, 1 small rooster, and bamboo shoots placed in[making]: 6 gardenia flowers, finely cut petals, into a bowl, add water, rice wine, MSG, wet starch and mix, Sprinkle white sugar to dissolve; appropriate amount of shiitake mushrooms foamed and sliced; 1 chick slaughtered, […]

Low libido-Erxian roast lamb

Low libido-Erxian roast lamb [Raw materials]15 grams of imperial grass, 15 grams of fairy spleen, 250 grams of mutton.   [Method]Wash and slice the lamb first. Slice the grass and fairy spleen into a gauze bag, tie the bag tightly, put it into the casserole with the lamb slices, add an appropriate amount of water, and […]

Acne to find the reason for bladder acne _1

The cause of bladder acne is revealed It’s been a long time since I bought puberty, but the annoying “Youth Beauty Pox” still appears on my face? This may be caused by your unhealthy habits. What kind of problems do some positions on the two ends correspond to? Let’s take a targeted look at what […]