Join the square dance army and start to health with your parents. It turns out that you are like this 90


Join the square dance army and start to health with your parents. It turns out that you are like this 90

Speaking of 90, the first words in your mind to describe their words are: only child, self, publicity, distinct personality, independence, creativity, naked words, etc., the society is very eager to give 90There are too many labels attached, can it really be like this after 90?

Then come and talk to everyone about the Buddha system around me.

1. I don’t know when to start the square dance. The square dance has not been the exclusive patent of the aunts and aunts. The aunts and grandchildren, who are idle, have nothing to do, or have just returned home from work, have quietly changed.Behind a group of seniors, happy to dance the most rhythmic dance, jumping square dance can not only give you full exercise, but also make your inexplicable mood comfortable, but not too good, but the square dance can be absolutelyIt’s not the simple movement you imagined. The little friend quietly said to me that I want to dance square dance, but I am still very confident.

2, go out on weekends, no, no, no, no one wants to pull me out of bed. In your impression, is it a group of bears who went out on the weekend after a 90-year-old, then I told him seriously?You, it’s not. Every weekend, 90 of them are just like to lie in bed, and they just want to waste their physical strength, go out and squat, don’t exist, the soft bed is me.The true love, the enchanting goods outside have to give way to true love.

3, before 11 o’clock, missed on time, do you think that those who are still eating chicken at 2 or 3 in the middle of the night are 90?

Then you may have misunderstood something. After 90 years of being replaced, I told me very responsibly. After eleven o’clock, I will cut off all contact with the outside world on time and enter the sacred undisturbed sleep time.I must sleep before the point, health is the first essential thing of life, the rest are clouds 4, with my mother to buy skin care products than her professional as the first generation of computer poisoning, after 90 is very responsible to tell youHealth is a must, no matter when it is early.

What, now looking for a purchase or buy cosmetics, skin care products!

If there is no such thing, the current 90s will be purchased for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. If you have not gone out, you will bring a thermos cup. Well, you are also a must, and you can’t have less.

When the 80s were still troubled by the baby, the 90s had already entered the old-age life in advance. The very standard planners who follow the parents’ maintenance of the body must not be half a step behind the road to health.

Is this 90 after you imagine?

Maybe it is very different from your imagination, but there are a lot of Buddhists in the 90s, and they have passed the old age.