CBA body test back and forth running 12 people need to make a test Guo Kailun, Ren Junwei, Xu Ziyang, etc. _1

CBA body test back and forth running 12 people need to make a test Guo Kailun, Ren Junwei, Xu Ziyang, etc.
On September 25th, Beijing time, the first test of the CBA physical examination was completed, and all 20 teams completed the test.According to the currently published results, the test results are good, nearly half of the teams all pass at once, and the remaining teams do not exceed 2 people in the 27th supplementary test.  Bayi, Qingdao, Tongxi, Guangsha, Dongguan, Fujian, Shanghai and Liaoning (Guo Ailun and Li Xiaoxu have already completed the test on the national team) all passed at once. The Tianjin team also passed all but one person did not participate in the test.The new army Chongqing team Shao Tiangang did not participate in the test due to injury, and the rest of the staff passed the level.Yu Xuelin, Chouzhou, Zhejiang Province, only completed three sets of back-to-back runs.Also because of the failure to complete the four sets of tests, there is Yu Changdong of the Xinjiang team.In addition to the only remaining team in Xinjiang, Tang Zhengdong, who was not able to come to Shenyang to take part in the physical examination, all of them passed the level.The veteran Liu Wei won the extra time by one second because of his 33-year-old age.Last year, Lu Xiaoming, who had caused controversy in the return run project, also experienced age overtime this year.The list of personnel who need to make up the test for the remaining teams is as follows: (achievement results in brackets) Shanxi team: Yang Qin64.8 (64) Guangdong team: Ren Junfei 64.9 (64) Jilin: Liu Lian 66.2 (64) Zhang Biao 65.6 (64) Shandong: Chen Shinian 64.9 (62) Xu Jiahan 64.3 (62) Beijing: Wang Xinlei 62.5 (62) Jiangsu: Xu Ziyang 63.1 (62) Sichuan: Cai Chen 71.8 (66) Wang Ruheng 64.1 (62) Foshan: Guo Kailun 63.7 (62) Ren Junwei 64.5 (64) Note: The average score can also be rounded.  It is worth mentioning that some big men also showed excellent condition.Ji Cheng’s Zhong Cheng, who is 2 meters 06 tall and weighs 120 kilograms, achieved the goal in 66 seconds, but he ran out of 62.5 seconds, this result is close to the goal line of the guards.There is also Zheng Jun of the Foshan team. His height of 2.15 meters is 67 seconds, and his final score is 63.4 seconds, which is more than 3 seconds faster than the score, and the performance is very good.There is also Sun Zhe of the Fujian team. Because he is 2 meters 21 and has overtime conditions, his achievement score is 76 seconds, but his final score is 67.7 seconds.  While some players are still struggling to reach the standard, some young players have already begun to surpass themselves.On the first day of the test, Yu Dehao of Dongguan New Century ran out of 58.The best result of 6 seconds.This morning, Deng Yuxin of Chouzhou Bank ran the best result of the year 55.07 in the first group test, surpassing Luo Hanchen’s previous single group result of 56.40.Starting this afternoon, each team will begin the test of strength shots.(Morning)