After Ronaldo fell to the card, he was dissatisfied with the penalty hand and grabbed the crotch to provoke the referee Laos (picture)_1

After Ronaldo fell the card, he was dissatisfied with the penalty hand and grabbed the crotch to provoke the referee Laos (picture)
On Monday, a video broadcast on the Spanish TV 13 TV victory program sparked heated discussion.The screen shows that after Ronaldo was sentenced to a false fall in the national derby, he had an obvious provocative behavior against the referee Matteu Raos, but Raos chose to ignore it.Spain’s 13TV TV pointed out: C Ronaldo provoked the referee after the card. The incident happened after Ronaldo was warned by Raos with a yellow card.At the front of the penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo fell under Pique’s defense. The referee Raos awarded Cristiano Ronaldo a false fall, for which the Portuguese were very angry.The Catalan media believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is an obvious flop. Valencia referee Laos saw Cristiano Ronaldo’s intention. For this reason, he not only failed to penalize a non-existent penalty, but alsoShowed a yellow card to Ronaldo.  Seeing that the referee made such a penalty, Ronaldo couldn’t hide his anger. While grabbing his crotch with his hand, he expressed his dissatisfaction to the referee: Hey, Matteu, do you like this?Are you so happy?Cristiano Ronaldo’s hand grabbing the crotch is reminiscent of Di Maria’s grip on the crotch to express dissatisfaction with the fans.However, the Portuguese may really want to adjust the shorts because he has subsequent adjustments.  Matteu obviously also disregarded the action of Ronaldo, he chose to ignore, and the Catalan media believes that Matteu should show the second yellow card to send the Portuguese off, because Ronaldo’s provocative action isObviously, there is no dispute.Even some television stations in Madrid believe that Ronaldo is provoking the referee.Now let’s see if the Spanish Football Association’s competition committee will impose additional penalties on Ronaldo.  In the game, Ronaldo also had friction with Barcelona fans.After scoring, Ronaldo made a gesture of repeatedly pressing down the palms of his hands during the run. Obviously he asked the Camp Nou to be quiet.During the game, Ronaldo will encounter the boos of Barcelona fans every time he takes the ball. He also responds in this way.(Sergio)