How to solve the nocturia in middle-aged and elderly people

How to solve the “nocturia” in middle-aged and elderly people

More nocturia from Chinese medicine is mainly caused by kidney deficiency.
Chinese medicine believes that one of the kidney functions is “main water.”
The kidneys regulate the metabolism of the whole body fluid and play an important role in regulating the transport, distribution and excretion of water in the body.
If the kidney is not enough, there will be frequent nocturia, urinary incontinence symptoms, accompanied by backache, limb weakness, cold hands and feet and other symptoms.
Middle-aged and old friends are in the recession of kidney, kidney essence and kidney, the reserve is gone, and the self-supply is less. This is kidney deficiency.
Kidney deficiency causes the ability of the kidney to control water, and there is more nocturia.
If you want to solve the problem of “nocturia”, you have to start from tonifying the kidney.
銆€銆€Before entering the winter, the middle-aged and elderly people chose “Zhushen Yishou Capsule” to cure kidney deficiency and adjust the five internal organs. After several treatments, the effect is very obvious, and the effect on friends with nocturia more than three times is better.
Many middle-aged and elderly people who take Bushen Yishou Capsule for a long time say that the first obvious change after they take Bushen Yishou Capsule is that nocturia is less, and many kidney deficiency symptoms are also improved.
I can’t afford to sleep at night or at night, and I have a good rest at night. The whole person’s physical and mental state has changed a lot.
銆€銆€”Zhushen Yishou Capsule” has the functions of warming kidney and helping yang, not hot or dry, nourishing kidney and yin and yang, regulating the function of five internal organs. It can promote the growth of kidney cells, restore kidney motility, increase immunity, and relieve kidney deficiency.Waist, knee weakness, Shenpi, cough, frequent nocturia, symptoms of urinary weakness, while recovering physical fitness, to achieve the purpose of systemic regulation.
銆€銆€Middle-aged and old friends should develop the habit of using hot water to soak their feet before going to bed. Bathing can’t replace foot bathing.
Choose a deeper basin, soak the water in one-half of the calf. The water temperature should be as hot as possible. When soaking the feet, press each toe and sole of the foot as much as possible.
There are acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. The Yongquan points act on the kidneys, and the toes are the five internal organs. The hot water bubbles can promote blood circulation, activate the peripheral nerves, and regulate the functions of the five internal organs.
The time is 15 minutes.
After soaking your feet, put your hands hot and massage yourself at the waist “Jinshu Point”. Press the skin to the waist and redness and heat to the hips and knees. It can help treat the “nocturia” problem.