Five tips to extend sex time without hurting


Five tips to extend sex time without hurting

Driven by vanity, every man wants to be more and more brave and fight for ten rounds a night, but unless you are a young man of ten or twenty years old, if you are younger, you will have no more years.Brave.

Here are some natural tips, maybe it will really make you a golden gun, and ecstasy every night.

But the first thing you need to understand is that a man who is more and more brave can have two kinds of performances, one is that the duration is long, and the other is that the relative period (the time required for the second erection) is short.

Different people have different performances, and you should decide to strengthen this aspect according to your own situation.


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When the time is well grasped, you can enjoy the joy of synchronizing orgasm.

銆€銆€One heart and two are used to distract when making love, you can reduce the stimulation of the penis properly, so that your duration will be longer.

Of course, distraction should also pay attention to skills. You must not watch TV novels. Otherwise, your wife and adults will be in trouble when they are angry. They can’t think about other things that are more exciting, such as sex.Fantasy of a certain sexy actress, this will only let you reach the climax again.

You can think about the work, the things between friends, but not too expensive, pay attention to her feelings, brakes to adjust the frequency and intensity of their actions.

銆€銆€Multiple protection is here to use two or even three condoms to reduce the stimulation of the penis.

Although many men don’t like to use condoms, from the perspective of safe and considerate women, you’d better use them.

Moreover, if you have always been short-lived, it should be used more.

Put on two or three condoms for more effective contraception, but also effectively reduce the friction on the penis and prolong your duration.

銆€銆€Shorten the starting point: single-handed straight into all the foreplay, come straight into the single-handed, because according to the report, the faster the first ejaculation time, the stronger the second erection will last.

And this sudden surge is also very exciting for the partner.

銆€銆€Transfer position.

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銆€銆€Naturally, according to medical investigations, when men are sleeping, they will naturally erect three to eight times a night.

So you can take advantage of this feature, take a nap after doing it for a while, the alarm clock will sound after two to three hours, so you may wake up and have an unexpected harvest.

銆€銆€Of course, the above are all technical things. The most fundamental thing is to look at the man’s body. If the body is good, basically no skills can be brave. Therefore, strengthening daily exercise is the most basic method.

In the evening, let her jog with you for half an hour, both to increase feelings and to keep fit.