[How to add complementary food for half-year-old baby _ list of complementary food for baby after 6 months]

[How to add complementary food for half-year-old baby _ list of complementary food for baby after 6 months]

From month to month, babies rely on breast milk to provide nutrition for physical development.

After half a year of age, after the baby’s stomach can be tolerated, parents can appropriately add some complementary food to the baby.

At first, babies are not accustomed to eating complementary foods, so parents should let their babies eat less every time, and they should choose good digestive foods.

So, how should a half-year-old baby add complementary food?

First, the instant pure egg yolk powder for supplementary food contains the amino acids, choline, DHA, lecithin, iron and so on which are needed for infant growth.

It has good dispersibility, solubility and stability, which not only reduces the ordinary molecular weight, but also crushes other liquid foods such as milk; completely retains all the nutritional components of egg yolk, and the absorption rate is as high as 90% or more.

Yolk puree: Cook the eggs, crush them with a sieve bowl or spoon, and add an appropriate amount of boiling water or formula milk and mix thoroughly.

Start with 1/8 egg yolks, and gradually add to 1/4, 1/3 according to your baby’s acceptance.

Second, rice noodles for complementary foods Baby complementary foods generally refer to baby rice noodles eaten by babies. They are divided into organic, natural, and ordinary grades.

Among them, organic rice flour is purer than natural.

Today, rice flour brands are too numerous to list such as Heinz, Fang Guang, Chen Sheng, Bei Yingmei, Tefalfen and so on.

Add 3-4 spoons of warm water to 1 spoon of rice noodles. After standing, use a chopsticks to make a paste in a clockwise direction.

Fish puree, carrot puree, rice noodles: Choose river fish or sea fish, steam them, remove the meat, and carefully remove all the fish bones and press into the mud.

Add a small amount of prepared fish puree to the rice noodles with carrot puree.

Third, the baby who consumes fruit and vegetable puree milk powder for food supplementation is more than 4 months old, and the baby who replaces with breast milk can start to use fruit and vegetable puree as complementary food for more than 6 months.

Fruit and vegetable puree is a mud-like fluid that is broken and implanted by fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is easier to make apple puree, banana puree, mashed potato, and carrot puree.

Mashed potatoes: Peel a potato and cut it into small pieces. After steaming, mash it with a spoon and mash it into a puree. Add a little water and mix well.

Green cabbage puree: Wash the appropriate amount of green cabbage leaves and add them to boiling water for about 1-2 minutes. Then remove the green leaves and pulverize them with a pulverizer, or grind on a copper wire mesh to filter out the vegetable puree.

Milk sweet potato puree: Wash the sweet potato (potato), peel and steam it, and use a sieve bowl or spoon to grind it.

Pour the milk powder into the sweet potato (potato) puree and mix well.

Chicken soup with pumpkin puree: Soak chicken breasts in salt water for half an hour, then chop the chicken breasts into a puree and add a large bowl of water to boil.

Peel the pumpkin and steam it in another pot, and use a spoon to grind it.

When the chicken broth is boiled into a small bowl, filter the chicken particles with sterile gauze, pour the chicken broth into the pumpkin puree, and cook for a while.

4. Fruit and vegetable juice and vegetable juice for complementary food: Boil a bowl of water in a pot, and wash the whole green leaves first soaked in water for 20-30 minutes, then take out and chop about a bowl, add boiling water and boil for 1-2 minutes.
Remove the pot from the fire and squeeze the leaves with a spoon to make the vegetable juice flow into the water.

Pumpkin juice: Peel the pumpkin, cut into small dices and steam, then squeeze the steamed pumpkin into a puree with a spoon.

Add an appropriate amount of boiled water to the pumpkin puree instead of mix thoroughly, place it on a clean fine colander and filter for juice.

The pumpkin must be steamed.

Can also be added to rice noodles to feed the baby.

Fresh orange juice: One orange is horizontally divided into two, then the section is covered with a glass squeezer and rotated to make the orange juice flow into the tank below.

When feeding, you can add some warm water, the ratio of water to water from 2: 1, to 1: 1, and then the original juice.

Watermelon Juice: Put the watermelon scoop into a bowl, smash it with a spoon, filter it with sterile gauze, and take the juice.

Apple carrot juice: Carrots and apples are peeled and washed, cut into small pieces, put in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and can be rotten in about 10 minutes.

Filter the juice with clean gauze.