Jeremy Lin missed the All-Star MVP, after the game and Guo Ailun love each other

Jeremy Lin missed the All-Star MVP, after the game and Guo Ailun “love each other”
The 2020 CBA All-Star Game ended last night, and the Southern Stars completed their lead in the final moment, beating the Northern Stars 167-166.Jeremy Lin, who scored a maximum of 41 points in the North District, missed the key goal in the end and was caught by the opponent to counterattack. The All-Star debut missed the MVP.Guo Ailun and Jeremy Lin chatted on the sidelines.Figure / Osports Jeremy Lin had a 1v1 with Zhao Rui after the first quarter. The two played very friendly, basically there was no confrontation and physical contact, and the main offensive means was a three-point shot, and finally a 9-9 handshake.According to the rules, the duo’s excitement has doubled into the team’s excitement and personal excitement.With 18 points doubled for heads-up, Jeremy Lin scored 24 points at halftime.In the second half, his feel was even hotter, making him the most eye-catching player on the field.As the game became more intense in the final quarter, the two teams began to have a bit of a real battle. In the case of confrontation and upgrade, Jeremy Lin missed a breakthrough shot less than 20 seconds before the end of the game. Hu Mingxuan received the rebound and completed the fast attack., Rewrite the score to 167 to 166.The North Division team’s serve error was intercepted at the last moment and must accept the defeat. Jeremy Lin’s 41 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists also became “empty cuts”. Zhao Rui, who scored 30 points, became the All-Star MVP this year.However, Jeremy Lin said on the social media after the game that he had spent the “most beautiful weekend”, and it was very interesting throughout the journey. He didn’t care about missing the MVP.”My goal is not to win this MVP. I love playing basketball so much. I’m here to win games, but I don’t care about the accumulation of these individuals.”Guo Ailun asked Brother Hao” we’re working well together “, sometimes saying good without thinking, but this” old iron “ruthlessly debunked:” What is good! “I didn’t even go!”In the laughter of the reporters, Jeremy Lin calmly responded:” So I said that the cooperation was very good.Asked to comment on Jeremy Lin’s 1v1 performance, Guo Ailun bluntly said “Brother Hao is too modest”.Jeremy Lin gradually shifted the topic, saying that he played according to Guo Shao’s first quarter.Guo Ailun laughed at himself and sent 2 turnovers in the first 2 minutes of the first quarter. He did not forget to get back the game: “Brother Hao, learn how to play this game is very good, very promising.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Lijun