Do a good job of winter stomach

Do a good job of winter “stomach”

After entering the winter, the temperature becomes cold.
Chinese medicine believes that: cold is yin and evil, easy to hurt yang, internal guests in the stomach, injury and gas, gas injury and dysfunction, gas stagnation, stomach qi, and nowhere is pain.
Western medicine believes that: cold can stimulate the human nervous system, making its excitability higher, so that the autonomic nerves that control the internal organs are in a state of tension, causing the blood vessels in the stomach to smash and contract, and the blood flow in the stomach is reduced, causing the stomach to be ischemic,Hypoxia, the protective effect of the gastric mucosa is reduced, leading to inflammation, ulcers, etc., resulting in bloating and stomach pain.
Because of this, winter has always been a high incidence of stomach disease, mild stomach pain and indigestion, and even severe vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc., so in winter, you need to do a good stomach war.
銆€銆€Living insurance “stomach”: When the weather is cold, pay special attention to the stomach to keep warm, add clothes in time to prevent the stomach from catching cold and causing stomach pain or aggravating the old disease.
Sun Siwei, a famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said: “The winter moon should not go out early in the morning and offend the cold.
Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, which is beneficial to yang stagnation, accumulation of yin and ton, and improve the body’s ability to resist cold.
銆€銆€Diet to protect the “stomach”: diet adjustment is also a key measure, into the cold winter, everyone’s food intake will increase, but do not overeating, eat less meals to reduce the burden on the stomach.
It is easy to digest food, and it is suitable for warm, soft, light, vegetarian and fresh.
Warm food is the most direct way to warm the stomach. Drinking hot porridge in the morning and evening is beneficial to gastrointestinal health.
To avoid eating cold, spicy, strong tea and other stimulating products.
銆€銆€Tonic “protecting the stomach”: Chinese medicine believes that winter is the season of collection, but also the season of accumulating strength to wait for “germination”. Grasping these months for conditioning, it can compensate for the high temperature in summer and the spleen and stomach damaged by factors such as cold drinks.Function to bring it back to normal operation.
Most of the old stomach diseases that recur in winter belong to the syndrome of spleen and stomach deficiency, and should choose drugs or foods that have the effect of warming the stomach and strengthening the spleen.
But not everyone is a debilitating physique. Before supplementing, you should first dialectify, according to the individual’s physical condition, tonic under the guidance of a doctor.
銆€銆€Psychological “protecting the stomach”: winter is easy to make people’s mind and body in a low state, the best way to change mood in winter is activity, jogging, dancing, playing and so on.
Always keep a happy spirit, optimistic mood, mental health, avoid the stimulation of unhealthy factors such as anxiety, fear, nervousness, sorrow, etc., can adjust the gastrointestinal rhythm and ensure gastrointestinal health.
銆€銆€If the stomach pain recurs, self-conditioning can not alleviate the symptoms, you need to pay attention to the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease.
In addition to pain affecting people’s life and work, ulcer disease can also have life-threatening complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation, and obstruction.
Therefore, preventive health care should be done in peacetime. Once there is upper gastrointestinal bleeding (black stool or hematemesis) or perforation (sudden severe abdominal pain), you should go to the hospital for treatment.
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A cold wash your hands to prevent the occurrence of a cold.
Because the switches, door handles, etc. that others have often touched are the dirtiest places, it is often necessary to wash your hands, especially after touching these parts.
In addition, keep your household cups, towels and other supplies clean, especially when someone in the family is sick.
銆€銆€Handling: If you have a cold, try to use a paper towel instead of a towel, so you can throw it away and prevent others from being infected.
At the same time, drink plenty of water and pay attention to rest.
Pharyngitis Pharyngitis is a common disease in winter, mainly caused by viral infections.
In addition, changes in the temperature of your environment, such as from a heated indoor to outdoor, can also cause pharyngitis.
銆€銆€Treatment: The quickest way to treat pharyngitis is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
Although this does not treat the infection, it is resistant to inflammation and has a symptom-relieving effect.
At the same time, take the medicine on time.
Norwalk-like virus infections Norwalk-like viruses infect humans can cause symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, such as vomiting.
The disease can occur all year round, but it is more common in winter, especially in hotels and schools. It can be treated within two days. If someone has vomiting or diarrhea, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
Infants or the elderly especially need to be careful, as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor to replenish and treat.