How to treat hemorrhoids prostate

How to treat hemorrhoids prostate

(1) 2-4 persimmons, boiled with water and eaten as a snack, twice a day.

  (2) Spinach porridge: Add 250 grams of spinach to rice, wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water, cut it into sections, pan the rice, put it in the pot and cook until it is half-cooked.Porridge, add some salt and MSG at the end.

  (3) Take 15 capsules of citron and 5 capsules of longan daily.

  (4) Sesame Jujube Soup: 9 grams of black sesame seeds, 30 grams of black dates each, and 30 grams of black beans.

  (5) Soup: 500 grams of fresh soup, wash, add 90 grams of brown sugar and an appropriate amount of water, boil for 1 hour to take the soup, once a day or in portions.

Or eat 200 grams of fresh ravioli daily.

  (6) Scutellaria baicalensis soup: 250 grams of scutellaria baicalensis. After cleaning the internal organs, add seasonings such as wine and cook.

  (7) Banana tree core large intestine soup: 250 grams of large intestine, banana tree core is appropriate, washed, chopped, boiled soup in the pot seasoning and take it once a day for several days.

  (8) Fungus persimmon soup: 10 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of persimmon, 50 grams of brown sugar, take the same soup, take 1 dose daily, and even 5?