Eat more snacks and gain weight?

lose weight?

Eat more snacks and gain weight?

lose weight?

When three meals a day cannot be guaranteed, when the energy of the body begins to overdraw, and when people are not “meal”, they will feel a sense of height. At this time, they will not want to eat snacks and come to their own emptiness.Stomach.

Mark Twain said that it is the easiest to quit smoking. I have already quit 100 times.

And we might say: It is the easiest to stop snacking, I have already quit 100 times.

I really want to quit, and it is very difficult to quit. So, must we stop eating snacks?

銆€銆€We all know that the most scientific way to eat is to eat every 3-4 hours.

This will ensure the timely replenishment of nutrition and energy, and will not be repeated too much, resulting in accidental accumulation.

However, due to the busy pace of life in modern society, we have to simplify our diet to three meals a day.

If these three meals can be arranged reasonably and balanced, they can fully meet our health needs.

But usually this is not the case. We often do not eat breakfast in time, or because we have to work at noon, we have no time to eat.

銆€銆€In the case that three meals a day cannot be guaranteed, when the energy of the body begins to overdraw, and when people are not “meal”, they will feel a sense of height. At this time, they will not want to eat snacks and come to their own emptiness.The stomach is gone.
Especially for girls, it’s easier to do this!

Although snacking is not a 鈥減atent鈥? for girls, the fact is that girls eat more snacks.

Look at the office positions of the girls around you in the office. Are you not scared by her full-fledged snacks?

Always support!

Because most girls are like this, they will get used to it when they look at it. There are many other girls who rely on snacks to lose weight. They think that this method of dieting without eating staple foods is quite useful.

It is true that this method is very useful for some MMs, but because everyone’s system is different, so the effect is also a matter of opinion.

Like the current combination of S.


Is HEBE in E like this?
First of all, let’s first come to the “reverse snack” debate!

See which side do you think is too much?

Can also see the true face of snacks more clearly through their objective position?
Square: Eating snacks, happy and healthy French scholar Harder Mermi has presented a surprising set of data: 32% of French people do not eat at the dinner table at all; 37% of people will go there several times a monthSet up their dinner or lunch on the street.

銆€銆€In any big city in the world, we seem to be used to the venue and time of not eating.

Imagine if we had to spend more than two hours a day on the road, we had to go out to work, have a day in the meeting, and of course we would be dizzy.

At this time, potato chips, cakes or chocolate bars are the best foods for hunger, which is better than hungry stomach.

銆€銆€Moreover, the concept of “snacks” is broad!

銆€銆€Nowadays, when people talk about snacks, they always think of puffed foods and high-conversion foods. In fact, wine, pre-dinner dishes, yogurt, etc. can all be counted as snacks.

Even some bodybuilders recommend slimmers to plan to eat less and eat more meals to identify their 鈥渟tarvation or satiety鈥?status, which makes it easier to control the amount of food they eat.

In this way, “snacks” also has the effect of keeping the body.

銆€銆€Counterparty: Snacks make you fat and depend on whether you have noticed. Some women eat very little food, but they are always thin, because she is a “snack queen”.

Maybe you will say that this is related to everyone’s system. There are many girls who rely on snacks to lose weight successfully!

銆€銆€This is indeed the case, but the high conversion of snacks is also the focus.

If you often eat several snacks at a time, it will be very impressive in an instant.

Even at the expense of not eating dinner, or not with slim body.

銆€銆€The nutrients in these snacks are very low, generally lacking protein, cellulose, vitamins and minerals, and packaged foods often contain trans-micro-forms, leading to the accumulation of toxins, which will be a substitute for health.
The next time you go to your mouth without aiming, think about the consequences, or eat less.

銆€銆€In addition to the danger of getting fat, do you think you have a “snack of food dependence”?
Because a serious sit down to eat, in addition to cooking, you have to wash dishes.

Snacks are much simpler, work, watch TV, read books, you can eat while you are doing, without hindrance, anytime, anywhere, very convenient.

銆€銆€But studies have shown that when you sit down and eat regularly, people are prone to satiety and will not eat endlessly.

Once you eat with two hearts and minds, it is difficult for the brain to receive a 鈥渟aturated鈥?signal in time, and it is easy to overeat.

What’s more, sometimes it is not hungry at all, even idle and boring, more psychological dependence, rather than the body really needs these foods.

銆€銆€After reading the above two debates, have you already had your own definition of snacks in your heart?

In fact, in the choice of snacks, you are free, and your choice, obviously can be healthier!

It is really smart to treat snacks in the right way and attitude.

銆€銆€Clever eating snacks: Experts who study eating behavior say that eating snacks does not cause any health problems, which leads us to eat when we are hungry, and to distinguish between snacks and occasions.

銆€銆€People always think that the harm of eating snacks is that excessive intake of food leads to weight gain. That is because we take snacks as a staple food.

Therefore, the addition of the amount of food creates an imbalance in the introduction of nutrients.

銆€銆€If a person can’t eat three meals in a balanced way, how can he expect the TA to eat 8 times and eat nutritious?

Another reason is the packaging of snacks, which are usually packaged in small bags, which seem to be small, but they are high in content (some snacks have a lot more calories than normal food). This packaging design leads to some people.I ate a lot without knowing it, much faster than the speed I needed.

銆€銆€When we deny that we are eating snacks, the answer is mechanical, and our perception of obesity, craving for food and fullness has been replaced.

When a person reaches into a packet of potato chips, TA is eating the packet of potato chips when he is completely unconscious.

銆€銆€Eating snacks is an act of 鈥渆scape鈥? thoughts and emotions are temporarily suppressed. Eating snacks while watching TV or reading a book can relieve tension and shield anxiety.

This lack of perception happens to turn people into sins of Quebec. When you step on the subway and eat potato chips, eating chocolate while watching TV can easily lead to sympathetic disorders that control eating, and eventually lead to obesity.

“But just look at this point, always remind yourself, eat snacks properly, and balance well, it is no harm to people’s psychology and health.”
鈥?銆€銆€Research data shows that the chances of causing diseases due to snacks are minimal, but people’s attitudes and psychological effects are often much more serious than the actual situation.

So, aside from your heavy sense of guilt, you are free in the choice of snacks, and your choices can obviously be healthier.

銆€銆€What kind of food is a healthy snack?

銆€銆€Fresh fruits and vegetables can be selected from fruits and vegetables that are easy to clean or easy to peel, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, kiwis, and so on.

They are rich in cellulose and vitamins, which help the body detoxify and clear the intestines, which is also good for whitening skin.

And because it contains a lot of water and fiber, you will soon have a feeling of fullness, not easy to overeating.

銆€銆€Original nuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, these nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, maintain cardiovascular health, firm skin, moisturize hair and delay aging.

However, when choosing nuts, it should also be noted that many packaged foods are added with sucrose, hydrogenated oil (generally labeled as vegetable oil), pigments, preservatives and other additives. The otherwise healthy foods become very high and even harmful to health.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the list of ingredients listed on the package when purchasing. The more you add the ingredients, the better. The original nuts are always your first choice.

銆€銆€A small package of low-fat dairy products that can be purchased in low-fat yogurt or milk convenience stores is a nutritious snack rich in protein and calcium.

Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics that are good for your health.

Due to its low fat, it is half or more less than full fat and retains all other nutrients.

But yoghurt drinks are not — it contains less beneficial bacteria, added sugar, more flavor, not much nutritional value, and quite quite high.

銆€銆€Whole-grain cereal natural oatmeal, whole wheat bread, high-fiber biscuits, coarse grains, and so on.

These snacks slowly release energy, allowing you to feel full for a while.

And these vitamins and fiber are good for detoxification and cellulite, beautiful skin.

But remember, all the stuffed or crispy breads are amazingly transforming.

銆€銆€Snacks Health Map Convenience Store This is the place most frequented by all snack followers.

Low-fat small packaged milk, yogurt, tea eggs, corn on the cob, dried tofu, fresh fruit, seaweed slices, roasted almonds, these are your good choices.

銆€銆€Fresh sushi, rice balls, washed vegetable salad, deli chicken, and so on.
Adhere to your health principles: use high-quality olive oil and lemon juice instead of packaged salad dressing, roast chicken and then eat it, so even with snacks to replace meals, it is ok.

銆€銆€The conversion of a fried chicken in a fast food restaurant is higher than that of a beef burger.
Therefore, when eating fried food in a fast food restaurant, remove the outer skin and easily make a transition of 1/3.

Confectionery, vegetable soup, salad, etc. in fast food restaurants are also a healthy choice.

銆€銆€It is always difficult for a dessert house to reject the temptation of dessert.

First of all, the conversion of desserts in Cantonese-style syrups is relatively low, while Western-style desserts tend to be high in trace amounts and high in content.

The transition of a chocolate brownie cake can be as high as 600 calories or more, with little nutritional value.

And a red bean paste has only 100 calories, and it is mixed with cellulose, and it has the health-reducing effect of clearing the intestines.