Healthy little common sense is getting colder, and autumn health is at the time.


“Healthy little common sense” is getting colder, and autumn health is at the time.

After the white dew, the weather turned cold every day, the autumn is getting stronger, and autumn health has become a concern for everyone.

How to maintain health is the best for you?

Today, 鈥淗ealthy West City鈥?tells you about the things that are going to be healthy in the fall.

Autumn is prone to disease. When blood pressure drops, blood vessels contract, and the weather is cold. People do not exercise regularly. The sodium in the body cannot be excreted by sweating, which will cause people’s blood pressure to rise.

Hypertension increases the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when blood pressure is too high, which may have serious consequences.

The temperature of the cold in autumn and evening is reduced, alternating between hot and cold, and it is prone to sudden temperature drop. If the volume cannot be increased or decreased in time, the immune system of the person will be affected to some extent, and the resistance of the human body will be reduced. People with weak constitution are prone to suffer.Have a cold and other diseases.

Gastric diseases Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers are easy to develop in the fall.

Temperatures in autumn temperatures have an adverse effect on people with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers and other diseases.

These parts should be kept warm, and many people may experience neck pain in the fall. In addition to cervical spondylosis, it may be caused by cold.

In addition, cold complications will stimulate the contraction of the skull and cause adverse effects on the condition of cardiovascular disease.

Abdominal temperature difference between day and night in the abdomen, night cold is easy to invade the human body, thereby stimulating the stomach and causing diarrhea, so pay special attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

The coldness in front of the front is likely to cause respiratory diseases such as cough and bronchitis.

When sleeping in the autumn night, try not to open the window of the bedroom too much to avoid the back being cold.

Cold joints and joints are prone to arthritis, cold shoulders may cause shoulder inflammation, and knee joints may also have adverse effects when exposed to cold air. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the warmth of joints in autumn.

The capillaries of the feet of the feet can correspond to the whole body, and the coldness of the feet may reflect the contraction of the capillaries of the relevant parts, and finally affect the relevant parts.

Especially for people with cardiovascular diseases, we must pay more attention to the warmth of the feet.

Autumn health tips to ensure adequate sleep and gradually cool down the weather, should change the habit of sleeping late in the summer, should get up early and get up early.

At the same time, proper nap is good for relieving distress and eliminating fatigue, but pay attention to the nap time should not be too long.

When you increase or decrease the temperature of the clothes in time, you should pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes in time. In the autumn, you should pay attention not to catch cold.

The place where you live should be ventilated frequently, and the weather should be reduced as much as possible in case of sudden cooling or windy weather.

Pay attention to the cold weather may affect the stomach, so pay more attention to diet, mainly warm, soft food, avoid sick, excellent food, and eat less spicy food.Patients with cardiovascular disease should pay attention to the intake of sodium.

Appropriate aerobic exercise appropriate aerobic exercise can increase the oxygen content in the blood, so that the brain’s oxygen supply is sufficient, leading to the disappearance of fatigue, but pay attention to work and rest during exercise, to ensure sleep time, high blood pressure patients during exercisePay attention to the strength that the body can withstand to avoid danger.

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