Health Raiders will make up for the winter, and you can play tigers in the spring!


This winter guide is for you!

“Health Raiders” will make up for the winter, and you can play tigers in the spring!
This winter guide is for you!

The weather in Lidong has become colder and colder recently, giving people a feeling of gradually entering the winter. When I look at the calendar, it is already winter. This is to say hello to us in winter.

Lidong is one of the 24 solar terms and one of the traditional festivals of the Han nationality. It is the end of the lunar month and the beginning of the lunar month. The time is between November 7-8 of the Gregorian calendar. During the winter, the Han peopleThe winter solstice is the beginning of the winter season, and it is necessary to supplement the winter customs.

Li, Jianshi also said that the winter began here.

Winter is the end of the meaning, there is the meaning of collecting crops after harvesting, and China has made Lidong the beginning of winter.

During the winter, there are health practices that require 鈥渢onic for the winter鈥?

This article puts forward the “customs”, “food customs”, “food supplement principle”, “living movement” and other aspects of Lidong, to bring you a comprehensive health explanation.

Tianshui clears in, and autumn and winter begin to pay.
During the Han and Wei Dynasties, the emperor had a winter ceremony in the outskirts of the suburbs, and he gave a group of winter clothes and a widowed system.

That is to say, on this day, the emperor will kiss the ministers to meet the winter enthusiasm, commend the martyrs and their families who have died for the country, and ask the deceased to protect the souls and encourage the people to resist the looting and invasion of foreign enemies or evil spirits.

Li Dong, the custom of the folk, and the winter of the winter, also known as “winter”, was the custom in the Han Dynasty.

The Eastern Han Dynasty Cui Ding “Four People’s Monthly Order”: “The day of the winter solstice into the wine, He Yijun is old, as the day.”

On this day in the Song Dynasty, people changed their clothes and celebrated their exchanges, just like the New Year.

Since the Republic of China, the traditional customs of He Dong have been simplified, and some activities have been gradually fixed and stylized, and they have become universal.

Such as winter school, teacher activities, are antiques in winter.

Li Dong路Food custom eat dumplings in the north of the high-rise, people love to eat dumplings in winter.


Because the dumplings are a statement of curling “when the date of the cross.”

The New Year’s Eve is the turn of the old year and the New Year. The winter is the turn of the autumn and winter seasons. Therefore, the dumplings at the time of “handing over” cannot be eaten.

Nowadays people have gradually restored this ancient custom.

How can the hot pot have a hot pot in the cold winter? The northerners can be said to be deep in love.

The copper pot is charcoal fire, the broth is hot, the red and white mutton slices are so simmered in the soup, the meat is white and placed in the cold mahjong material, the entrance is instant, the stomach is warm, the pot is hot, and the handThe sauce is still cold, this is the authentic hot pot.

After talking about the North, let’s take a look at the South.

People love to eat chicken, duck and fish in winter, because the weather is getting colder, and the protein state in the meat can satisfy the energy needed by the body.

Chinese medicine believes that warm meat should be added during the winter, such as dog meat, beef, chicken, lamb and shrimp.

What do you eat in the South?

This dish of ginger mother duck originated in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It can not only supplement blood and blood, but also has the effect of nourishing yin and reducing fire.

Lidong Jinbu eats ginger mother duck, which has the functions of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, relieving the blood circulation, relieving the cold and dissipating the liver, soothing the liver and moistening the lungs.

The sesame oil chicken is a Han-style dish that belongs to Sichuan cuisine.

The chicken leg is the main ingredient, and the sesame oil is added to make it. The color of the dish is ruddy, the chicken is soft and the appetite is greatly increased.

The sesame oil chicken is tender and delicious, and it has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, chills and cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia and weakness.

Two / ten / four / section / gas / / / Li Dongdong 路 food supplement saying: “Three nine to make up a winter, no pain in the coming year.”

Food supplement is especially important in the winter nursery.

In terms of diet and nutrition, we must abide by the principle of eating less food and cold, but we should not eat too hot food. We can also eat some yin and yang, breeding supplements such as beef and mutton, black-bone chicken, squid, and eat more fresh.Vegetables, such as eating more radishes, vegetables, etc., lack of plasma vitamins.

But Li Dong must not blindly tonic, especially the elderly, sorghum, high-transfer food can not be too much, so as not to induce high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other diseases; can eat some stewed hen, fine meat, tendons, and often injectedMilk, soy milk, these have little effect on blood lipids, but also enhance physical fitness.

Winter diet 1 winter first fruit: pears after eating nourishing and moistening foods, such as pears.

Pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind, relieving cough and relieving asthma, clearing heart and reducing fire, can alleviate “autumn dryness”, soaking alcohol and detoxification.
Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.
People with weak spleen and stomach can also be eaten with rock sugar and pear water.

2 winter home meat: mutton mutton is hot, winter can eat kidney, strengthen, keep out the cold.

3 winter home cooking: Chinese cabbage is not as good as cabbage.

Don’t underestimate the cabbage, it contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber, which is good for a long time, especially in winter.

4 winter home food: sweet potato in the winter, do not eat polished rice noodles, must eat more noodles, it is recommended to eat more sweet potatoes.

Japan’s anti-cancer association has produced 20 kinds of anti-cancer foods through a lot of scientific research. The first one is cooked sweet potato, and the second is raw sweet potato.

The pre-filling makes the sweet potato available. It contains a lot of vitamin A, which can improve the skin’s disease resistance and prevent influenza A (H1N1).

In addition, sweet potatoes contain a large amount of estimated fiber, which can relieve constipation.

Li Dong路Living and Living Sports After the winter, remember to 鈥渞eserve the yang鈥? Chinese medicine believes that 鈥渃old is yin and evil, often hurts yang鈥? If the body does not have yang, it will lose its vitality of metabolism.

Therefore, after the winter, you should go to bed early and get up late: people should go to bed early, and at the same time, it is not easy to get up too early in the morning. Especially if the time of the elderly is allowed, it is best to wait for the sun to rise and get up again when the yang is angry.Ensuring adequate sleep is conducive to yang stagnation and accumulation of yin.

The right amount of exercise can enhance the body’s resistance to resist the invasion of the disease.

Warm-up activities before exercise are very important, such as limbs, jogging, and moderate exercise of light equipment, so that after the body is slightly sweaty, high-intensity exercise is performed.

Clothing should be based on weather conditions, to keep warm and cold-proof.

Wear clothes in time after exercise to avoid catching cold.

Middle-aged and elderly people with respiratory diseases should avoid cold stimulation. Exercise should avoid morning and evening when there is too much sunshine, so as to avoid the onset of disease, and the elderly should pay more attention to keep warm.

1 sleep in winter: early morning and late winter, the temperature is low in the morning, under the sudden stimulation of cold weather, the meridians and blood are not smooth, the hands and feet are numb.

So go to bed early in the winter and get up late.

The older the older, the more you have to sleep for seven to eight hours.

2 Action: 10:00-15:00 The most suitable winter sports must be between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm when the sun is full.

Exercise should choose the appropriate way, that is, don’t worry, walk slowly.

As long as you take your legs, it is necessary for you.

3 residence: 18-23 掳C indoor environment to maintain a certain suitable temperature, neither too high nor too low, 18?
It is more suitable between 23 degrees.

Winter must not be too hot, it will be dry, the hotter the moisture will evaporate, the indoor temperature and polycarbonate temperature will be very different, and it is easy to catch a cold.

Li Dong路Miao Zhao Yi Qing Sai said: San Jiu complement one winter, no pain in the coming year.

In the winter, the metabolism of the human body is in a relatively slow period, so winter health should pay attention to “hidden”, “hidden” means that people should keep their spirits quiet in winter.

If you encounter something that doesn’t go well, you should learn to reduce bad emotions. You can vent your bad feelings in a depressed way to maintain your peace of mind.

At the same time, you should have more sun.

Because it is dark in the early winter and short in illumination time, it is also a cause of depression. Because of the darkness, the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland of the human brain is enhanced, which can affect people’s emotions, and the light can suppress this.Hormone secretion.

Miao Yi Yiqing 1 anti-breathing system disease prevention disease “three-character classics”: wash hands frequently, often ventilation, strong exercise, more fruits, drink plenty of water, sleep well, calm heart.

Salt water gargle method: use a water cup, add a spoonful of salt inside, gargle twice in the morning to prevent respiratory diseases, and also treat pharyngitis.

2 anti-cardio-cerebral vascular disease winter temperature decline, blood vessels shrink, blood becomes thick, blood pressure rises 20 mm Hg, but also more prone to blockage, myocardial infarction.

Therefore, when freezing in the cold, there must be attention to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Keep warm and can’t eat cold things.


A glass of water in the morning.

The wake-up time in the early morning is called “Devil Time”, which is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, we must pay attention to a cup of water in the morning, replace the blood, be active, rinse the injection channel, detoxify and urinate.
3 anti-digestive system diseases

Don’t eat too hard things.



Eating salt is easy to get high blood pressure, which will accelerate aging.



Improve the freshness of the fruit, vegetables should have priority to eat seasonally.

4 eliminate skin itching a.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco, avoid spicy food.


Reduce the number of baths.

In winter, the sebaceous glands secrete less secretion, so a bath a week is enough.


The water temperature in the bath should not be too hot.

The more the sebaceous glands are affected, the more appropriate it is.


After the shower, apply some oil.

Rubbing more glycerin can protect the skin, thus reducing the itching caused by dry skin.


Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C supplementation can also increase skin resistance.


Drink plenty of water, clear the intestines and detoxify the skin.

5 prevention of mental illness in winter, pay more attention to the sun.

In the winter, people are prone to embarrassment. From the medical point of view, the sun can make people feel excited.

In addition, if you close yourself in a small world for a long time, you will feel depressed, helpless, lonely, empty, boring, and you will get mental illness over time.

So even if the weather is cold, you have to go out and talk to friends.

According to the seasonal changes, to provide you with the knowledge of the four seasons health, Beijing Chengyi Qihui reminds you to always pay attention to your body, better health, and a healthier life.